LRPP Overview

Enrollment Overview of LRPP

Opting-in for the LRPP

The pricing and rate set for the different LRPP types is a flat rate and is not prorated based on the date of purchase. If you opt-in to the LRPP, you are choosing to pay a flat monthly rate to park on campus and will not have the option to pay the daily affiliate rate. Those who are eligible for the LRPP can purchase their permit starting on the 25th of each month for the next month. For example, for a July permit, you may purchase starting on June 25, 2021. Once enrolled, there will be no refunds for the LRPP.

The LRPP parking types are as follows:

  • LRPPA - A Zones
  • LRPPC - C Zones
  • LRPPL - L Zones
  • LRPPCH - Reserved for the Chancellor and their designees

Lock in your monthly rate!

Once you enroll into LRPP, you are set up to pay a monthly rate until the following enrollment period. Those registered with LRPP are not eligible for the daily parking rate option and may park for an unlimited number of days for one monthly price in designated areas on the UC Davis campus. You may unenroll at any time but will be unable to re-enroll until the next open enrollment period unless you have extenuating circumstances that warrant an exception. 

Annual Open Enrollment for LRPP

Open enrollment for LRPP is from July 1 - Oct 1. This period allows for members of the LRPP program to make changes to their monthly parking access. Please click here to visit LRPP Eligibility to enroll or make changes to your enrollment of LRPP.  Changes will not be accepted outside of the open enrollment period. Please note: you may enroll initially in the LRPP program anytime, the annual open enrollment period is for those who have previously enrolled and unenrolled. 

Unenrollment in LRPP

If you have enrolled in LRPP and wish to unenroll, you may do so once at any time. However, when you unenroll, you may not reenroll until the next open enrollment period unless you have extenuating circumstances that warrant an exception. See information below. 

LRPP Enrollment Changes for Extenuating Circumstances

If you have enrolled, then unenrolled in the LRPP program, and need to re-enroll in the program before the open enrollment period, you may do so if you have extenuating circumstances. Examples of extenuating circumstances include but are not limited to job reassignment or changes in family needs. Please contact Transportation Services at for instructions regarding requesting an exception.