Permit Types and Rates

About Parking Permits

Parking Compliance

There is a fee to park in UC Davis parking areas. All parking regulations are enforced during quarter breaks and summer. No parking enforcement on University Holidays. A valid UC Davis parking access validation is required to park on campus in one of the following ways:

  • Daily Rate: Available to all UC Davis affiliates and visitors via AMP Park. UC Davis affiliates should register with AMP Park using their UCD email address to access affiliate rates.
  • LRPP Monthly Parking Access: For employees only, choose your parking zone and pay a flat rate for the month. Learn more about LRPP options.

 Please see parking rates and descriptions below

Daily Parking Access Types and Rates

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  • A Zone Access - Available to commuting faculty and career staff who are employed with a non-student title code (affiliate rates in Daily A are not available to those who have a monthly LRPP). Valid in non-restricted (ADA areas, red zones, etc.) A Zone spaces. If you pay to park in one A zone, you are able to move to another non-restricted A, C or L zone space without paying a second time. Students may purchase A Zone Access after 5 pm. C and L zone access permits are eligible to park in A zones after 5 p.m. 

    C Zone Access - Available to commuting faculty, staff, and students (affiliate rates in Daily C are not available to those who have a monthly LRPP). Valid in non-restricted “C” zone spaces. If you purchase in one C zone you are able to move to another non-restricted C or L zone space without paying a second time. C zone permit holders may park in an A area after 5 p.m. 

    C+ Zone Access - C+ Zone parking are flexible parking stalls within A Zones, available daily for UC Davis employees and students. The intention of C+ Zone parking is to make better use of our most in-demand (and sometimes underutilized) parking areas by offering these spaces to students looking for an "up-front" parking option. The C+ Zone rate is the same daily rate as that of A Zone parking. C+ zones are located at the Quad District Parking Structure level 2, Pavilion District Parking Structure level 2, Lot 5A, Lot 14 and Lot 41. 

    CH Access - Available to the Chancellor and his/her designees. Valid in reserved “CH” permit spaces and where “A” zone access is honored. CH designees may find more information regarding the LRPPCH here

    L Zone Access - Available to commuting faculty, staff, and students (affiliate rates are not available to those who have a monthly LRPP). L zone permit holders may park in C or A zones after 5 p.m. L Zone access is restricted to the following areas from 7am-5pmLot 2 , Extension Center Drive, Lot 30, Garrod Drive West of Hwy 113, West Health Sciences Drive, and Lot 57

    M Zone Access - For motorcycles, available to commuting faculty, staff, and students who drive a powered two-wheel motor vehicle (motorcycle) (affiliate rates are not available to those who have a monthly LRPP). Valid for motorcycles and motor scooters/mopeds only. Valid only in areas designated as "M" parking.

    Visitor Zone Permit | Available to daily visitors, and vendors for C Zone access.

Daily Parking Rates

A Zone (employees only, 7 am-5 pm) $5.10 $16.00 (available after 5 pm only)
C+ Zone (employees and students) $5.10 $16.00 (available after 5 pm only)
C Zone $4.00 $16.00
L Zone $2.50 $16.00
M Zone $2.50 $16.00
F Zone $2.00 $16.00
Electric Vehicle *  $2.00 (add-on to base permit rate) $18.00
Disabled Parking (DSA) $0.00 $0.00

* EV daily parking rates include charging for up to 4 hours. Once you are finished charging your vehicle, you may move to a C or L zone. No additional payment is required.

NOTE: If you are an affiliate and are not seeing the affiliate rates in AMP Park as noted above, please contact our office at or call 530-752-8277. Refunds or promo codes will not be issued for overpaid parking in excess of two days.  

Hourly Parking 

Hourly parking is available through our solar-powered COSMO permit dispensers. To purchase and print a permit using one of these machines, you will need to provide your license plate number.

COSMO Locations:

  • Pavilion Garage (northwest and southeast corners)
  • Quad Garage (southwest corner)
  • Gateway Garage (northeast corner)
  • Lots 1, 5, 25, 30, 47, and 56
  • Manetti Shrem (on the backside of the building in between Lots 1 and 2)
  • Gorman Museum

Hourly Rates:

  • 1 Hour - $2.50
  • 2 Hours - $6
  • 3 Hours - $10.50
  • 4 Hours - $15

Limited Time Zones:

35 and 75-minute limited time zone permits can be purchased through the AMP Park app. These spaces are posted with signage in select locations and can be found by browsing the AMP Park map.

Current Rates:

  • 35 Minutes - $2.50
  • 70 Minutes - $4.00

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Monthly Parking Rates (LRPP)

LRPPA A Zones Employees Monthly $80.00
LRPPC C Zones Employees Monthly $70.00
LRPPL L Zones Employees Monthly $50.00
LRPPCH CH Designated Chancellor Monthly $225.00
ELEC Electric Vehicle Charging Spaces Employees Monthly $17.00 (in addition to base permit cost)

LRPP monthly parking access works similar to daily parking in that you have access to your zone and "lower-tiered" zones. For example, if you have an LRPPA, you may park in A, C and L Zones. If you have an LRPPC, you may park in C and L Zones.

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UC Davis and UC Davis Health Dual Campus Daily Permit 

In partnership with our Aggie family across the Causeway, we offer a single daily payment option for those who need to park on both the UC Davis and UC Davis Health campuses. Students and employees can purchase one daily permit through AMP Park for same-day parking access at both locations.

Dual Campus Permit
  • Using the AMP Park app, search University of California, Shields Avenue, Davis or UC Davis Health
  • Zoom out from the default map setting and click the icon in the top right corner of the app
  • Select UCD Dual Campus A Zone or UCD Dual Campus C Zone
  • Start your parking session and go
Eligibility UC Davis Zone UC Davis Health Lot Rates 
Employees A and C Zones B Lots $5.60
Students and Employees C Zones B Lots $4.50

At the UC Davis campus, we will continue to honor UCDMC B and D monthly permit holders who purchase a “Temporary Notice of Virtual Permit.” For more information about UCDMC monthly permits and eligibility, please reach out to UC Davis Health Parking and Transportation Services at

Off-Peak C Permit

Available only via COSMO walk-up permit dispensers Monday-Friday 3am-7am and 5pm-11pm, these permits are intended to incentivize anyone who would otherwise not have access to the Affiliate Daily Rates to drive to campus outside of peak commute hours. Find COSMO locations at the Pavilion Parking Structure (NW and SE corners), Quad Parking Structure (SW corner), Gateway Parking Structure (SW Corner), Lot 1, Lot 5, Lot 25, Lot 47, and Lot 56.

Anyone $4.00/day