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Bicycle Program

Bicycle Program

Bicycling is the #1 mode of transportation at UC Davis. The Bicycle Program serves the Aggie Community with a goal to provide ongoing cycling education, ensure cyclists have ample support, and keep everyone riding.

Bicycle Program

Welcome to Davis, the Bicycle Capital

About | Davis, both the city and the campus, has earned the name Bicycle Capital of the U.S. because of efforts to provide its thousands of cyclists with a bicycle-friendly environment. Wide streets, well-marked bike lanes, inviting pathways, gentle terrain, mild climate, and an attitude of mutual respect between cyclists and motorists have resulted in a community with the most bikes per capita of any in the nation. In Davis, bicycling is a way of life.


Davis is Flat and Has A Lot of Bicycle Pathways | If you've been to Davis before, you understand why riding a bicycle is the preferred mode of transportation. Compared to a hilly or mountainous region, it takes little exertion to cycle around town. And with roughly 55 miles of pathways dedicated to bicycles and pedestrian traffic, getting where you need to go can be a breeze. Knowing your terrain will help you understand the type of bicycle you should choose.

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5 Things Aggie Cyclists Should Know


1. Ride a Quality Bike

Buying a quality bicycle means buying a bicycle that fits your needs, handles well for the terrain on which you'll likely ride, and will not breakdown on you (with basic maintenance). See our guide on choosing the right bicycle, and what to spend. Learn more

2. Register Your Bike

All bicycles on the UC Davis campus must have a current California Bicycle License ($12). We've got information on why it's important (and necessary) to register your bicycle, and where you can purchase a license. Learn more

3. Use a Quality Lock and Decent Lights

When you park your bicycle, make sure you are locking it correctly. When you are riding in low light, make sure you can see and be seen. Our guide can help you with the types of locks and lights you should buy, use, and how much you should expect to spend. Learn more

3. Wear a Helmet

Wearing a helmet every time you ride your bicycle is the best way to significantly mitigate bicycle crash-related injuries. See our information on the type of helmet you should wear, and how to wear it. Learn more

5. Know Your Rights on the Road (Ride Responsibly)

Understanding your rights as a bicyclist includes; understanding traffic laws, signaling your intentions, knowing where to ride, and how to ride confidently. We offer educational programs in all of the above. Learn more 

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Bicycle Program Rates

CA License/Registration* $12.00
Renewal* $6.00
Transfer License $1.00
Replacement Sticker $1.00
Bike Locker Deposit** $20.00
Bike Locker Monthly** $10.00
Summer Storage*** $25.00
Impound Release $10.00

* License and renewal, good for 3 years
** One-time, refundable deposit due prior to use, monthly rate must be paid in full through June 30
*** Bicycle storage available June-September, summer break only

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