Disabled Parking

Disabled Campus Affiliate Parking Access

UC Davis employees and registered students who possess a DMV-issued disabled person’s parking placard or license plate may park on campus in disabled spaces, unrestricted A, C, C+, L, and F zone spaces, and for extended periods in green time zones, when displaying their placard/plate. Affiliates must register for a Disabled Access (DSA) permit through the Transportation Services office, for use in conjunction with their DMV-issued placard/plate.

To register for a DSA permit you will need to provide a copy of your disabled placard registration paperwork and up to 3 license plate number(s) to assign the permit.


  • Additional information for Disabled UC Davis Employees and Student Parking
  • Areas that are restricted to specific vehicles or permits (e.g. gated central campus, Exempt vehicles, one-hour A spaces, event reserved spaces, etc.) may require pre-authorization and purchase of appropriate access.

    • Disabled staff or faculty whose disability is severe in nature and requires additional transportation or parking accommodations should contact the campus Disability Management Services Office at 530-752-6008 for instructions on submitting a request for accommodation. Students requiring additional assistance should contact the Student Disability Center.

Disabled Campus Visitor Parking Access

Campus visitors with a disabled placard or license plate may park in disabled spaces, unrestricted A, C, C+, L, and F zones, and for extended periods in green time zones on the UC Davis Campus at no charge, without displaying additional validation. 

Visitors who will be parking on campus with a disabled placard/plate with any frequency must register for an exemption to the DSA permit requirement, by providing a copy of their placard/plate registration paperwork from the DMV, a copy of their state-issued ID or passport, and a copy of the registration for the vehicle the exemption should be associated with to the Transportation Services office. Visitors may only register one vehicle at a time and can change vehicle assignments by contacting the Transportation Services office in advance of their visit. 

For more information, or to submit a visitor exemption or DSA permit request, please email Transportation Services or call 530-754-3687.