How to Purchase Event Parking

UC Davis Affiliates (Employees, Students and Retirees)

  • UC Davis students and employees should purchase event parking through AggiePark via the AMP Park app to access daily affiliate rates. Once you pay to park, those with a daily permit can move to any equivalent or lower-cost zone across campus (including event parking areas).
  • Monthly permit holders can park with their LRPP in any equivalent or lower-cost zone across campus (including event parking areas).
  • Retirees with a valid Retiree (RT) permit and affiliates with a DMV-issued disabled placard/license plate and a valid DSA permit may park at no charge.

Non-Affiliated Visitors

Prepurchase through the Online Portal
For a discounted rate, non-affiliated visitors should prepurchase their parking through Transportation Services' online portal for eligible events. When pre-purchasing event parking, your license plate becomes your permit for the duration of the event(s) you select and is eligible in any visitor (C or L zone) space.  After 5pm, visitors with a valid permit may also park in A and C+ zones. 

This option is available for many events. If you do not see the event you're looking for, please refer to the day of parking options below.

  • For instructuions on how to prepurchase event parking, follow the steps below or watch this video.
  • Step 1: Navigate to

    Step 2: Click on Special Event Parking

    Step 3: Select event type (check under Group/Departmental Events category for events that don't fall under other categories listed)

    Step 4: Select your event

    Step 5: If prompted for a coupon code, enter the code, or click I don't have a coupon code

    Step 6: Select the permit type (ie; pre-purchased event permit) 

    Step 7: Click Add Vehicle and enter your vehicle information

    Step 8: Review the Permission to Park Agreement and select I agree at the bottom of the page

    Step 9: At this point, if you'd like to add more event permits to your cart, click on the Transportation Services logo at the top left corner of your screen to go back to the main menu and add another event

    Step 10: Once you've added your event(s), enter your contact and billing information, and checkout

Day of Parking Options

  • Purchase parking through the online portal at a discounted rate (see instructions above) for eligible events.
  • Purchase parking through AggiePark via the AMP Park app at the daily rate.  For more information on how to get started with AMP Park and parking rates, visit
  • Purchase parking through the COSMO permit dispensers located throughout parking facilities. Please note that when purchasing parking through the COSMO permit dispenser, you will need to provide your license plate number.
  • For staffed events, parking attendants can help direct you to COSMO machines or provide other options and assistance.


Bus Parking

Depending on space availability and number of requests, buses may park at the UC Davis - ASUCD Unitrans facility fee-free on weekdays from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (view guidelines here). Please contact Unitrans at 530-752-4560 or to make arrangements in advance. Any loading/unloading or parking outside the Unitrans facility must be approved by Transportation Services in advance. To request approval, please email with your event details (name, date, time, location) and the number of expected buses and attendees.