Special Event Parking

Special Event Parking

Large events will affect parking availability in certain lots/areas, and our guide and Parking Impact Calendar (below) can help drivers identify and plan for those impacts before coming to campus. Parking for Mondavi performances, football games, and many other events can be purchased in advance via the Find Parking with ParkMobile, at a cost-savings over day-of purchases.

Valid UC Davis level rate parking permits (LRPP) are honored for parking in the appropriate zone for each permit type (A, C or L) at most events without additional payment required, with the exception of home football games.  Retirees with a valid Retiree (RT) permit and attendees with a DMV-issued disabled person's parking placard/license plate may park for all events at no charge.

Event rates may be in effect for parking lots/structures adjacent to the venue, during which time hourly and reduced affiliate rates will not be available via ParkMobile.  Please watch for posted signage. 

Event Services for Campus Departments

Transportation Services offers a comprehensive special event parking program that manages vehicular access, provides parking convenience, and maintains a positive presence throughout major special events on the Davis campus, to better serve attendees at events that impact the campus parking program. Campus departments may request event permits, attendants and/or reserved spaces through the online system. Fees will be charged for special event services as outlined below.

Services Offered

  • Reserved Parking Spaces | Choose this option if you would like to reserve parking spaces for your guests.
  • Reserved parking spaces for guests include weekday and weekend events. Please note that additional costs may be required for larger setups.
    • •  $11/per space for the number of spaces reserved
    • •  $69/setup cost (which includes signs and setup)
  • Conference Permits | Conference permits are an option for large conferences/meetings on campus.
  • Conference permits are designed to provide parking for up to ten sequential days. For those instances when an event's duration may be longer than ten days, please contact the Events & Access Supervisor by email, or by phone: 530-752-7657.
    • •  $10/per permit
    • •  $69 permit preparation fee per order.
  • Parking Attendants | Choose this option if you would like parking attendants to staff the parking lot(s) at your event.
  • Parking attendants are a good option for departments who want the added customer service of a parking attendant to sell permits so that guests do not have to use the permit dispensing machines. You may use this option in conjunction with conference permits when the department picks up the permit cost for guests, or elect to have the attendant(s) sell permits to guests as they arrive.

    The department will be charged $13/per hour per attendant (plus one additional hour per attendant for preparation and completion)
    • •  $69.00 processing fee


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Parking Impacts Calendar