Campus Parking Guide

Contractor Parking

Contractors who are authorized by the General Contractor to park in a fenced-off dirt/gravel staging area designated for the project they are working on are not required to purchase parking or obtain additional authorization from Transportation Services to park in those areas.

Contractors who are required to park in other areas of campus may utilize any of the parking options that are available to other campus visitors as noted below, or email to request an exception to purchase long-term parking for projects exceeding 30 days in duration:

  • Purchase daily parking via AMP Park or at pay on foot stations located across campus for parking in C zones.
  • Pay and park in a Limited Time Zone via AMP Park (up to the maximum time posted) 

Delivery Vehicle Parking

Suppliers who make short-term deliveries with marked company vehicles, such as UPS, DHL, Office Max, Fed Ex and Amazon are not required to purchase a permit if they park in areas appropriate for loading/unloading while making a delivery.

However, couriers in personal and unmarked vehicles may use the parking options available to Vendors, as noted here.

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Vendor Parking

Vendors who regularly visit the campus and park may purchase daily parking in C Zones or L Zones. If parking for a limited time, hourly permits are available in most parking kiosks (COSMOS permit dispensers) or Limited Time (LT) Zones. Parking may be paid for via AMP Park, the pay-to-park app. See signs in the parking area for more information. See Visitor Parking information.

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