For more information on Transportation Services operations, please click here. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, Transportation Services is minimizing in-person contact.
The kiosks will be closed until further notice, and our lobby is closed to regular walk-in traffic. Appointments can be made if needed by contacting Parking.


Parking Structure

Parking at UC Davis

Building a better, more efficient system for parking

In January 2021, Transportation Services implemented changes to our parking operations to not only modernize parking demand on campus but help us to get closer to our sustainability goals. Changes to our parking operations include implementing: 

  • ParkMobile, a pay-by-phone parking app that allows drivers to conduct permit transactions from their phones. >> Learn more
  • Daily parking rates address more concerns of a campus community that is embracing flexible work and school arrangements. Switching from monthly permits to a daily rate will save nearly every driver money over the course of the year. >> Learn more
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology is a system that scans license plates, comparing them against our database, and greatly streamlines the collection of rate fees to ensure that when someone is parked, they’re paying to take up that space. >> Learn more

Campus Parking at a Glance

Parking Zones, Rates

Adapting to change, planning for flexible work/school arrangements 

Transportation Services recently concluded an extensive planning effort and determined that campus would be better served if we prioritized investments that help people occasionally make a car-free commute. With our workforce and student body rapidly shifting to remote work/learning arrangements, Transportation Services has a unique opportunity to reduce the number of SoVs (single-occupancy vehicles) driving to campus by 10% in 2025, one of our sustainability goals. Having the appropriate technologies in place move us closer to this goal and will simplify parking for those infrequently driving to campus.

Transportation Services is 100% self-funded and responsible for more than just parking

No state or tuition dollars, or student fees, are put toward the maintenance of our parking structures, lots, roads, sidewalks, and pathways. That's our job, and parking revenue pays for it! Overall, the infrastructure is becoming more costly amidst an unprecedented decline in permit revenue. Daily parking fees help keep our unit operational and able to meet the demands of managing the campus’s extensive parking and transportation systems.