Commute Guide for New Hires

Commuting to UC Davis, Guide for New Hires

Welcome to UC Davis, and congratulations on your appointment! We are passionate about helping Aggies find their best and most sustainable commute option. What's the best commute? That depends on you. Do you want to save time? Money? Care about your carbon footprint? All of the above? We’ve got you covered.

When possible, be flexible!

If you have the option, plan your schedule and commute by working with your employer on setting up a flexible work arrangement (FWA). Being flexible means changing up your daily commute for work. That might look like taking the bus 2 days a week, driving 2 days a week, and telecommuting 1 day a week. Or, maybe you telecommute 4 days a week and drive 1 day a week. (That's some good work-life balance right there!) Find out what's possible and reasonable FWA with your supervisor.