LRPP Eligibility

LRPP Eligibility

LRPP is only available for employees with a staff title code.

If you have a staff title code, the next part is a 2-step process:


* When you log in to our online portal you will see your monthly payment options:

  • LRPPA - Access to A, C, and L parking zones
  • LRPPC - Access to C, and L parking zones
  • LRPPL - Access to L parking zones 
    • NOTE: If you opt-in to the LRPP, you will not have access to the daily affiliate rates through ParkMobile.
OPT-OUT: To opt-out click here. Please note: Opting out is not required if you have not previously enrolled

Level Rate Parking Program for CH-Eligible Employees

Those who are eligible for the CH permit do not need to opt-in to purchase the LRPPCH permit. Eligibility is automatic. The LRPPCH will become available on the 25th of each month. 


Additional information
  • If a CH-eligible employee prefers not to purchase the LRPPCH and would like to purchase the LRPP please follow the instructions to enroll above.
  • CH-eligible employees will have access to the ParkMobile affiliate rates if they opt not to purchase the LRPPCH.