FAQ: Level Rate Parking Program

Questions about the Level Rate Parking Program?

  • What is the Level Rate Parking Program?
  • The Level Rate Parking Program is a monthly parking payment option that provides an alternative for those who drive to campus every day and do not wish to pay daily to park via ParkMobile. In other words, you pay one flat parking rate a month rather than every time you park in a month.
  • Who is eligible for the Level Rate Parking Program?
  • LRPP is only available for employees with a staff title code, or as an exception through the TS office.
  • If I am eligible, what do I need to do to purchase my permit?
  • Simply visit our online parking portal to select and purchase the permit type you want.
  • When I purchase my monthly LRPP, how long will I be able to park?
  • When you purchase your LRPP, it is valid for unlimited uses within the calendar month purchased. After that month, you will need to pay again in order to access the LRPP.
  • Can I opt-out of the LRPP if I don't like it?
  • Yes, you can opt-out of the LRPP by simply allowing the permit to expire, and will automatically have access to the daily affiliate rates in ParkMobile the following day.
  • What's the difference? Monthly permits (long-term payroll deduction) and the Level Rate Parking Program?
  • We no longer offer a long-term permit with automatic payroll deduction. When we did, a monthly deduction was taken from an employee's paycheck which is a set-it-and-forget-it approach to parking payments--one that stimulated more drive-alone vehicle usage. We plan to offer a payroll option for the LRPP in the future, but will still require that a renewal be initiated each month. As Transportation Services looks toward long-term sustainable transportation efforts, it is imperative that commuters do not become complacent about driving. The LRPP asks those who have opted-in to consider their commute and be intentional about their choice.