South and West Campus Permit Program

Starting January 16, 2024, Transportation Services will roll out a permit program in the contiguous South and West areas of the Davis campus. Including these areas south of I-80 and west of CA-113 ensures uniform application of transportation policy across our UC Davis community.

Transportation Services is working with campus partners in the south and west to better understand the unique and complex transportation needs of these areas while considering how the transportation system will operate within the context of the campus' Long Range Development Plan and various mandates from the State, UC System, and the University. Revenue collected as part of this permit program will be invested back into these areas for maintenance and improvement projects and a stakeholder committee will be established in spring 2024 to help prioritize those projects.

While our team installs parking signage and we continue to learn about the needs of these areas, permits will not be required until summer 2024.

  • Fall 2023: Needs assessment and stakeholder outreach.

  • January 19, 2024: Begin placing signage and identifying maintenance needs.

  • July 1, 2024: Permits required at no-cost. 

  • September 1, 2024: Permits required at the F, L, and SW visitor zone rates (see table below), and stakeholder committee is established.

Rate Structure

Daily permits can be purchased using AggiePark via the AMP Park app and the monthly LRPPL permit can be purchased through the Transportation Services parking portal

Permit Type Description

Jul 1, 2024
(No-cost permits are not transferrable to central campus parking facilities)

Sept 1, 2024
F Zone  Unimproved parking areas (gravel and dirt) $0 $2
L Zone  Improved parking areas (pavement and lighting) $0 $2.50
Monthly L (LRPPL) For employees and others who are approved through TS on an exception basis $0 (Only valid in the south and west areas of campus) $50
SW Access (SWA) Annual add-on permission for those needing access behind gates, in between trailers, and in other areas where the general public is not allowed $0 $0
SW Visitor First hour free with permit and subsequent hours payment required $0

1 Hour - $0
2 Hour - $2.50
3 Hour - $6.00
4 Hour - $10.50

Parking Areas

The Transportation Services team will start placing parking signage in January 2024 and will develop a map of parking areas and zones in the coming months. In the meantime, zones can be found through the AMP Park app.

Contact Us

For questions about permit requirements and parking areas, please reach out to our team. | 530-754-3687

  • Do I qualify for an SWA add-on?
  • The SWA is a no-cost annual permission for those who are required to park behind access gates, in between trailers, and in other areas where the general public is not allowed. This permission will let our team know that your vehicle is authorized to be in restricted areas not open to the public. If you would like to add a special access add-on to your account, please email
  • Do I need to purchase a permit if I have an SWA permission?
  • Yes, in addition to the SWA add-on, you will need to purchase a daily or monthly permit.
  • Can I move my car once I've paid for a permit?
  • Absolutely! Your permit is valid in any equivalent or lower cost zone across campus. For example, if you purchase an A zone permit to park on main campus, you can move to any A, C+, C, L, or F zone throughout the day.
  • Is there a pre-tax payment option for UC Davis employees?
  • Yes! UC Davis employees can sign up for a Commuter Card, a pre-tax benefit account with a reloadable VISA card used to pay for qualified parking and public transit. Follow this link to learn more and get started with the Commuter Card Benefits Program.