Spin Shared Micromobility Program

Spin Shared Micromobility Program

UC Davis, in partnership with the City of Davis, is excited to launch a shared e-bike and e-scooter program this fall! Spin, a leader in shared micromobility, was selected through a competitive process to operate in our Davis community. During the selection process, Spin provided solutions to address common community concerns around accessibility, device speed, parking, and redistribution.

Spin will deploy a small number of devices the first week of September, gradually scaling up to 400 e-bikes and 200 e-scooters once UC Davis classes begin at the end of September.

This shared miromobilty program will provide our community access to a fleet of electric bike and scooter devices for short trips. Be it getting campus, moving between classes, or grabbing a meal at the CoHo, shared micromobility is here to help you move without your own transportation device.

Spin, who are they and what do they do?

Spin is a shared micromobility operator, headquartered in San Francisco. They operate in a number of markets around the country, specializing in markets with large universities. Spin is focused on ensuring that their devices are easily accessible and work well in communities, improving the transportation environment. When using Spin, you won't have to worry about theft or charging your own device, which is restricted across certain university facilities due to safety.

Sitting scooter

In addition to electric-assisted bikes and scooters, Spin offers no-cost delivery of adaptive devices including a seated scooter, a seated three-wheeled scooter, and an electric wheelchair attachment. These devices should be requested 24 hours in advance of the intended rental time. Click here to learn more about Spin’s Adaptive Scooter Program and how to request a device.

Download the Spin app from the Apple App Store and on Google Play! Sign up with your @ucdavis.edu email address for access to special passes and promotions.


Where can I ride?

Spin’s devices can be operated throughout campus and the City of Davis, with the exception of specific corridors called no ride zones (i.e., where devices may not be operated). Additionally, in designated slow zones (i.e., congested areas and high pedestrian traffic areas), your device will automatically slow to the appropriate speed.

You’ll be able to view these zones in the Spin app, which is available to download at the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Costs, passes, and discounted access 

Spin offers affordable pricing to help you get to where you need to go, including a special pricing option for those who qualify for a discount based on their income, called Spin Access. Click here for more information about Spin Access and how to apply.

Basic Rate $1/unlock $0.32/min
Spin Access Rate $0.50/unlock $0.10/min
Monthly Pass (Unlimited Locks) $3/month $0.32/min
Quarterly Pass (No unlock fees, bulk minute pass) $60/quarter 500 min


Before you start riding, let's talk about parking!

Our goal is to ensure that UC Davis affiliates park responsibly. If you follow the guidelines below, you’ll be good to go!

  • Every device parked on campus must be locked to a bike rack.
  • We have over 32,000 racks on campus, so if you can't find one immediately where you want, scoot or bike a bit further and find a rack to lock your device to.

Users who improperly park their Spin scooters and bikes are subject to additional fees!

Tips for safe rides

We want you to be safe when you use Spin, so please follow this advice every time you're out biking, scooting, or rolling:

  • Ride safe, wear a helmet. Helmets are a super simple, and practical, safety accessory that helps if/when you take a tumble. For your safety, we ask that you wear a helmet every time you ride.
    • Students, staff and faculty can visit Helmet Hair Don’t Care to get a FREE helmet after completing a short educational training.
  • Be aware of speed limits and no-ride zones. Spin devices have been programmed so that they do not exceed speed limits on campus and in the City of Davis. Spin devices will automatically adjust to lower speeds in slow zones and will stop working in no-ride zones.
  • Plan your route, and know the way, so you can ride distraction free, instead of focused on your phone.
    • Pro-tip: review the Spin app ahead of time so you're aware of slow zones and the no ride zones that you must avoid during your journey.
  • Don't ride distracted. Be aware of the world around you and keep your head up, phone down, earbuds out and hands-free to control the bike/scooter you're riding.
    • It is illegal to operate a bike or scooter, even a skateboard, with two earbuds in. If you like to listen to music, podcasts, or talk while riding, you must do so with only one earbud in.
  • Be smart online. Spin’s app has been fully vetted through UC’s Vendor Risk Assessment process.  Nevertheless, it’s important to always take precautions to protect your personal information. Be certain you use a strong and unique password when setting up your account with Spin.


More benefits through Spin

The Spin partnership also provides funding for campus safety outreach and training, internships and career development, scholarships and research grants. More information will be posted in the coming weeks.


Contact Spin for questions or concerns about device operations and parking. 

Share programmatic feedback with Transportation Services (i.e., slow zones, no zones, device redistribution).