Mobility Assistance Shuttle

Mobility Assistance Shuttle

About Mobility Assistance Shuttle

The Transportation Services (TS) Mobility Assistance Shuttle (MAS) provides transportation to UC Davis students, staff and faculty members with documented disabilities. For academic or work-related purposes only, you can schedule a ride with MAS to a specified on-campus location

  • Ride requests must be submitted by 5pm on the business day prior to the date the ride is requested for, and are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Not all requests can be accommodated due to high ridership during peak hours. 
  • Wheelchair accessible service is offered at no charge through the UC Davis Police Department’s SafeRides Program. Contact the SafeRides program at 530-754-2677 to schedule a ride.

Transportation Staff

Hours of Operation

Shuttle service is provided Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-6:30 pm. Service is not offered on weekends or University holidays. There are also breaks in service between each quarter-end date and instruction begin date (including summer session II). We do our best to accommodate as many riders as possible and will offer alternate ride times if your requested time is unavailable.

How do I schedule or cancel a ride?

To schedule or cancel a ride, contact MAS by calling 530-752-1084 during regular business hours. Any other questions about services may be emailed to

When scheduling a ride, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Full name, email address, phone number and ID number
  • Dates/times of all pickups for an authorized term of accommodation  
  • Location of pickup and drop-off, based on scheduled stops shown on the map (see map).
    • Please note that some stops have changed for rides beginning 1/3/2022.
  • Number of weeks of service you are requesting (may not exceed date authorized by physician’s statement)

MAS Eligibility

  • Student Eligibility | Current UC Davis students must provide medical documentation of their disability to the Student Disability Center for review and authorization. Rides can be provided for up to one week until eligibility has been confirmed. Once eligibility has been confirmed, and TS has been notified, students may schedule rides for the authorized term. >> See Student Disablity Center contact information below
  • Employee Eligiblity | Current UC Davis faculty/staff must provide medical documentation of their disability to the campus Disability Management Services office for review and authorization. Once eligibility has been confirmed, and TS has been notified, employees (staff/faculty members) may schedule rides for the authorized term. The shuttle service is provided at no cost to riders, however failure to cancel a scheduled ride (no-show) may result in a fee or loss of ridership status. To cancel a rice, call 530-752-1084.