For more information on Transportation Services operations, please click here. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, Transportation Services is minimizing in-person contact.
The kiosks will be closed until further notice, and our lobby is closed to regular walk-in traffic. Appointments can be made if needed by contacting Parking.

Parking Guide

Guide to Parking on Campus

This is a guide to parking on campus, specific to your relationship with UC Davis. Are you a student? Staff? Visiting us? We've got information to help you find the "how" and "where" to park.

General Campus Parking Information

  • To park on campus, all vehicles need to display a valid permit. All parking regulations are enforced during quarter breaks and during summer. Permits must be fully displayed on the driver's side of the dashboard or on the rear view mirror in a position clearly visible to Parking Enforcement Officers. Overnight parking is prohibited without prior authorization from Transportation Services.

Parking Permits

  • You may purchase monthly, annual and multi-year parking permits, as well as daily options from Transportation Services. Most A, C and N (Night) permits are available for purchase online, or eligible staff/faculty may enroll in pre-tax payroll deductions. UC Davis staff, faculty and students may purchase one permit for which they are eligible.
  • Resale, transfer or use of permits by anyone other than the original purchaser is prohibited, and violations of this policy may result in citation issuance, revocation or suspension of future permit privileges, refund forfeiture, and/or a referral to the Student Judicial Affairs office.
  • Vehicles registered to campus housing residents (or the resident's family name/address) may not display longer term day use campus permits and are subject to citation and additional sanctions.
  • When Parking Oversized Vehicles, please be sure to display one permit for each space the vehicle occupies, and ensure that the vehicle is parked in a manner that does not restrict sight lines or traffic flow for other drivers or bicyclists.
  • Overnight parking is not allowed, except with approval through the Transportation Services office. Requests for exceptions to this policy can be submitted by email, or by calling 530-752-8277.