Parking Guide

Guide to Parking on Campus

General Campus Parking Information

All parking regulations are enforced during quarter breaks and summer. A valid UC Davis permit is required to park on campus, either paid for through the ParkMobile app or a displayed permit purchased from one of our COSMOS permit dispensers (located in most campus lots). 

  • Paying for daily parking with ParkMobile does not require a physical permit. Once you pay through the ParkMobile app, Compliance Officers will be able to scan your vehicle’s license plate and determine if payment for parking has been paid for on your parked vehicle for that day. Your license plate, in essence, is your permit. Failure to pay for parking may result in a citation.
  • Employees may enroll in the Level Rate Parking Program (LRPP), a monthly parking payment option for employees. LRPP is an alternative for those who drive to campus every day and do not wish to pay daily to park via ParkMobile. In other words, you pay one flat parking rate a month rather than every time you park in a month.
  • Mobility Assistance Shuttle - UC Davis offers a Mobility Assistance Shuttle to campus faculty, staff and students with documented mobility impairments or disabilities. This transportation service is available for academic or work-related purposes only and offers convenient on-campus rides to more than 40 locations across campus. Use the link above to view rates, hours of service, shuttle stop locations, contact information and eligibility requirements. >> Learn more

  • Overnight parking is prohibited without prior authorization from Transportation Services. Contact for more information.