Aggie's Pay-to-Park App

AggiePark via the AMP Park app makes it easy to pay for parking at UC Davis right from your phone. Once you set up your account, simply select your parking zone, vehicle, pay for the day, and go.

iPhone AggiePark

Getting Started

  • Download the free AMP Park app on your iPhone or Android 
  • Set up your profile (contact and vehicle information)
    • Aggies should register with their UC Davis email address ( to access affiliate rates
    • You will be prompted to enter your payment information when making your first purchase using the app
  • Select the zone which you parked using the map or icon in the top right corner of the app (click here for daily parking rates)
  • Start your parking time


  • No cell phone? No problem! Pay online.

  • 1. Click here to visit the AMP Park website
    2. Select Sign Up/Login
    3. Use your UC Davis email address to set up your account (if applicable)
    4. Enter vehicle(s) and payment types of your choosing
    5. Once your account is set up, select the zone in which you parked or plan to park on the map or from the list in the top right corner of the page, and continue to pay for parking


AggiePark FAQs

  • What is AMP Park?
  • AMP Park (or AIMS Mobile Pay) is the pay-to-park app created by AIMS, the developer of Transportation Services’ parking management system. It works similarly to ParkMobile but offers some key improvements, including fewer zones and an integrated map highlighting parking facilities.

  • Where can I find the AMP Park app?
  • You can download the free AMP Park from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

  • What are the benefits of transitioning to the AMP Park app?
  • The benefits of transitioning to the AMP Park app are fewer zones (and no more zone numbers!) and an integrated map highlighting zones available in each parking facility, providing a simpler, more convenient parking experience. AMP Park also gives Transportation Services the ability to make quicker updates to the app to accurately reflect parking allocations and information.

  • Tell me more about AMP Park's data security.
  • AMP Park has been vetted by the UC Davis Information Security Office via the Vendor Risk Assessment (VRA). Learn more about the VRA process and minimum requirements for software here

  • Can I use Apple Pay or Google Pay?
  • Unfortunately, AMP Park is not compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay right now. This is something that we hope AMP will update in the future.

  • What payment methods does AMP Park accept?
  • AMP Park accepts Visa and Mastercard. Unfortunately, AMP Park does not accept payments through American Express, Apple Pay, or Google Pay right now.
  • Are there features that remind me to pay for parking?
  • Unfortunately, there is not a built-in reminder feature right now, but you can create an automated reminder on your mobile device using Apple Shortcuts and similar Android applications. Watch this short video on how to create an AMP Park shortcut on your iPhone.

  • Is there a favorite or default vehicle feature?
  • Unfortunately, there is not a favorite or default vehicle feature right now. This is something that we hope AMP will update in the future. Please note that the app automatically sorts license plates alphanumerically, so be sure to double-check your vehicle before purchasing a permit.

  • Who is eligible for campus affiliate rates?
  • UC Davis students and employees are eligible for the (lower) affiliate rates. However, resident restrictions may apply to some students.

  • Can I pay once to park at both the UC Davis and UC Davis Health campuses?
  • Yes! Students and employees can purchase one daily permit through AMP Park for same-day parking access at the UC Davis and UC Davis Health campuses. For more information on how to access the dual campus daily permit, click here.

  • Can I move my car once I've paid for a permit?
  • Absolutely! Your daily parking permit is valid in any equivalent or lower cost zone across campus. For example, if you purchase a C+ zone parking permit, you can move to any C+, C, or L zone.

  • If I switch cars, do I have to pay for another daily permit?
  • Your daily parking permit is tied to a single license plate number and our system can't detect if you've changed vehicles. If you switch vehicles throughout the day, you will have to purchase another permit with that new license plate number.

  • How do I save my payment information in AMP Park?
  • Once you make a purchase in the AMP Park app, your payment information will automatically save and can be seen under your profile settings. If you wish to add a second payment method, you can select "Change Payment Method" at checkout the next time you make a purchase. 

  • How does EV charging work?
  • EV parking rates include a fee for up to 4 hours of charging. If you anticipate needing to charge your vehicle, you can buy a permit with EV charging and move between any equivalent or lower cost zones across campus. Unfortunately, AMP Park does not have the capability to upgrade permits to include EV charging if you don’t purchase it initially.

  • Are monthly passes still available?
  • Yes! Level Rate Parking Program (LRPP) monthly passes are still available to UC Davis employees and others who are approved through Transportation Services on an exception basis. You can learn more about LRPP here.

  • What happened to zone numbers?
  • There are no zone numbers. We heard loud and clear that zone numbers could be confusing, so we’ve simplified to A, C+, C, F, L, and M zones.

  • What happened to A+ spaces?
  • After taking a close look at utilization numbers, we are no longer offering A+ spaces but we are considering offering a VIP reserved parking option.  Be on the lookout for a future announcement.

  • What happened to ParkMobile?
  • The ParkMobile contract is expiring, and UC Davis will no longer accept parking payments through ParkMobile after October 1, 2023.  Once you’ve started using AMP Park, you no longer need to associate your UC Davis email with your ParkMobile account.

  • I don't have access to affiliate rates, what should I do?
  • If you're a current UC Davis student or employee and aren't seeing affiliate rates in AMP Park or AMP Park online, first double-check you're logged in with your UC Davis email address. If you're still not seeing affiliate rates, please reach out to our office by calling 530-754-3687 or emailing so we can look into the issue.

    Please note that student housing residents do not have access to affiliate rates. For more information, click here.
  • Having issues with the AMP Park app?
  • If you experience issues with the AMP Park app, you have a few options to troubleshoot:
    - First try closing the app, logging out and logging back in.
    - See if the AMP Park app needs updating.
    - Pay online here.
    - Still having issues? Give us a call at 530-754-3687.