Transportation Tomorrow Forum

Welcome to Transportation Tomorrow Forum

Transportation Services invites members of the campus community to participate in the Transportation Tomorrow Forum, a presentation, and Q&A session to discuss, educate and develop ideas together. Join us in this ongoing series to learn more about what we are doing to facilitate and grow transportation, parking, and commuter support for the Campus Community. All are welcome -- especially innovative and idea-driven Aggies looking to make a positive impact.

Student on campus

Purpose and Planning for Tomorrow

Transportation Services is 100% funded by parking revenue and in order to maintain safe facilities, pathways, and roads, it is necessary for us to collect parking revenue and increase permit rates to remain operational. The COVID-19 pandemic has made us look closely at the ways we are able to sustain operations and still effectively meet the needs of the campus.

We believe our long-term strategies for parking operations and investments in new technologies will benefit the broader campus by offering more daily choices. However, right now, we have an opportunity to build something even better -- a parking and commute program for everyone, and the Transportation Tomorrow Forum is how we get there. It's a conversation we want to have with you so together, we can find transportation solutions that will evolve with the university and rise to any challenge yet to come. Can you help?

The Framework

Transportation Services is working to adapt and meet the parking needs for the campus. But planning and changes take time. The framework of these discussions is this: we'll put forth a scenario, give you time to review and offer feedback, then we discuss. If we can't address every idea during the forum, we'll post responses online. Joining the discussion means having your say and shaping our immediate transportation needs as well as our long-term vision.

How You Can Create Positive Change

Show up. We want to give you a (virtual) seat at the table, and creating positive change means putting yourself, your ideas out there. If you care about making a difference, this is your time to engage directly with leaders in Transportation Services. You can help shape the policies and infrastructure of transportation projects for Aggies now and for years to come. Creative ideas are encouraged and welcome.