Retiree Parking Program

Retiree Parking Program 

The University is grateful for the contributions of UC Davis retirees and realizes the value of the Retiree Parking Program in support of these continued efforts. The campus will continue to fund retiree parking through the fiscal year ending June 2023.

Current RT Permits Extended until June 30, 2022 - If you are currently an RT permit holder, your current hangtag will be accepted in A and C lots on the UC Davis campus, and in B lots at the Sacramento campus through June 30, 2022. Please continue to use your hangtag and do not throw it away! Our campus has decided to delay the usage of ParkMobile until the UCDMC Parking Office has their ParkMobile system working as well to ensure a cohesive transition on both campuses for our retirees. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: In light of current campus budget challenges, the Retiree Parking Program will continue to be evaluated in future years and any program changes or updates will be communicated to retirees. 

Retiree Parking Program Details

Valley Oak

Who is eligible for the Retiree Parking Program?

  • Former UC Davis faculty and staff, identified by the campus Benefits Office as officially retired
  • Retirees from other UC campuses who join either the UC Davis Retirees' Association or UC Davis Emeriti Association

Those eligible for the program can register to receive the retiree affiliate rate via the ParkMobile app. The RT parking benefit provides access to the "A" and “C” zones at the UC Davis campus. Our office will continue to honor RT permits (expiring 6/30/21) through 6/30/22. 

  • If you need to park at UC Davis Health, you may display your RT permit expiring 6/30/21, on their campus in B or C areas through 6/30/22. You may also contact the UCDMC Parking office for more details. Once UCDMC has their ParkMobile system up and running you will be able to receive the retiree affiliate rate in their B and C zones. 

Retiree parking eligibility requirements

There are established policies and eligibility requirements to ensure the integrity of the retiree permit program and to minimize program costs.

  • If retired faculty or staff members return to attend school or to work for the University with an employment appointment (regardless of the percentage) and/or are being compensated for their services, they are no longer eligible for the complimentary retiree parking benefit and must contact our office immediately.
  • RT affiliate rate benefit  is not transferable and may be used only by the individual to whom the benefit is issued.
  • Future parking privileges may be revoked as a result of inappropriate use.
    DISCLAIMER: The retiree affiliate rate does not provide access to L parking zones, red zones, disabled spaces (unless your DMV issued placard is displayed), reserved or carpool spaces (until after the posted time), Exempt, "H", "D", or "TH" areas, special permit, loading/time zones beyond the posted time, or other restricted spaces. Regulations for these areas are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Payment is required to utilize the electric vehicles charging station on campus. For more information you may contact the TS office. 

    Steps to Register for RT Parking Access

    Retiree permits expiring 6/30/2021 will continue to be honored at the UC Davis campus in our A and C zones, and at the UCDMC in their B and C zones through 6/30/2022. 
    1. CLICK HERE to request the Retiree Affiliate Rate
    2. Set up your ParkMobile account via the app or their website
      • You will needed the following information to set up your ParkMobile account:
        1. Email Address
        2. License Plate Number(s)
        3. Payment Method (required by ParkMobile to hold an account) 
    3. Park on campus using ParkMobile - your email address (used to request the RT Affiliate Rate Access) will automatically waive the fees associated with parking in A and C zones on the UCD campus