Retiree Parking Program

Retiree Parking Program 

The University is grateful for the contributions of UC Davis retirees and realizes the value of the Retiree Parking Program in support of these continued efforts. The campus will continue to fund retiree parking through the fiscal year ending June 2023.

  • PLEASE NOTE: In light of current campus budget challenges, the Retiree Parking Program will continue to be evaluated in future years and any program changes or updates will be communicated to retirees. 

Retiree Parking Program Details

Valley Oak

Who is eligible for the Retiree Parking Program?

  • Former UC Davis faculty and staff, identified by the campus Benefits Office as officially retired
  • Retirees from other UC campuses who join either the UC Davis Retirees' Association or UC Davis Emeriti Association

The RT parking benefit provides access to the "A" and “C” zones at the UC Davis campus. Click below to reserve your virtual RT permit for the 22/23 year!

Click here to register for your electronic retiree permit (e-permit)

Retiree parking eligibility requirements

There are established policies and eligibility requirements to ensure the integrity of the retiree permit program and to minimize program costs.

  • If retired faculty or staff members return to attend school or to work for the University with an employment appointment (regardless of the percentage) and/or are being compensated for their services, they are no longer eligible for the complimentary retiree parking benefit and must contact our office immediately.
  • RT affiliate rate benefit is not transferable and may be used only by the individual to whom the benefit is issued.
    • Surviving spouses of the retiree qualify as long as the retiree center has you on file and has relayed your eligibility to Transportation Services.
  • Future parking privileges may be revoked as a result of inappropriate use.