Transportation Services | Department Functions

Safety Services

Eric Kvigne | Associate Vice Chancellor

Safety Services helps maintain a safe and healthy campus environment through education, risk management, and resources for personal, workplace and lab safety.

Transportation Services

Perry H. Eggleston | Executive Director
530-754-1967 |

Shelby Slutzker | Engagement and Marketing Specialist |

Transportation Services facilitates the access and mobility needs of the campus community through the coordination of efforts among Transportation Services units and with other campus departments and non-university entities and ensures that services are provided in a professional, efficient, and service-oriented manner. Transportation Services plays an integral role in operating and maintaining the agricultural equipment used on campus in addition to maintaining roads, paths, and parking lots.

Parking Operations

Bryce Council | Director of Operations
530-752-6346 | 

Michael Johnston | Supervisor, Parking Maintenance | 
Cameron Geach | Supervisor, Parking Compliance |
Bill Payne | Supervisor, Parking Compliance |

Parking Operations manages the parking and mobility needs for the campus community, including event parking, central campus access, parking compliance, mobility assistance, and the maintenance of parking facilities. Transportation Services Lease Repair and Heavy Equipment Program provides a fleet of construction and agriculture vehicles available for departmental rental on a recharge basis such as tractors, forklifts and other service equipment, in addition to maintenance services for equipment owned by other departments on campus.

Customer Care and Planning

Linda Braak | Director, Customer Care and Planning
530-752-5434 |

Gina Preciado | Business Operations Coordinator |
Erin Burek | Events & Access Supervisor |
Emil Tehrani | Coordinator, Student Employment |

Customer Care and Planning leads coordination within Transportation Services to enhance the customer experience and support the goals of the department director. Transportation Services also offers a comprehensive event parking program that manages vehicular access, provides parking convenience, and maintains a positive presence throughout major events on the Davis campus, to better serve attendees at events that impact the campus parking program.

Transportation Demand Management (Commute Options)

Ramon Zavala | Transportation Demand Manager
530-752-6453 |

Jeffrey Bruchez | Bicycle Program Coordinator and Active Modality Manager
530-754-2453 |

Transportation Demand Management responds to the demands for transportation and parking for the Aggie Community, including commuter programs that work to shape the commute habits of UC Davis affiliates via policy, education, and support; and the Bicycle Program, which manages bicycle parking, steers campus bicycle policy, and educates the campus community on good bicycling habits.

University Airport

Perry Eggleston | Executive Director
530-754-1967 |

Michael Johnston | Supervisor |

University Airport (FAA LID: EDU) is a general aviation airport with a 968-meter runway, rental hangars, rental tie-downs, and fuel for transient and based aircraft.