Level Rate Parking Program

Level Rate Parking Program

Overview - Monthly Parking Option

The "Level-Rate-Parking-Program" is a mouthful--we know! The term "Level Rate" refers to a single or flat parking rate across the board, one rate for each parking zone: A, C, and L Zones. And, "Parking Program"?...it's what we do!

The Level Rate Parking Program (LRPP) is a monthly parking payment option for employees, or others who are approved through TS on an exception basis. It's an alternative for those who drive to campus every day and do not wish to pay daily to park via ParkMobile. In other words, you pay one flat parking rate a month rather than every time you park in a month. Previously, we used to offer long-term and short-term rates and had purchase requirements in order to qualify. Now, we've simplified our pricing for those will less flexible commute schedules, and are happy to offer the Level Rate Parking Program. But you can call it LRPP.  

How's it work?

There are different monthly LRPP options for employees - LRPPA (for A Zones), LRPPC (for C Zones), LRPPL (for L Zones). Choose your zone, pay each month, and you're good to go! LRPP monthly parking access also works similar to daily parking in that you may move (re-park) within your same zone as well as other "lower-tiered" zones. For example, if you have an LRPPA, you may park in A, C or L Zones. If you have an LRPPL permit, you are only allowed to park in L Zones. Also, once you opt-in to monthly parking access, you are no longer eligible for daily affiliate parking rates.  

Long-Term Parking Rates 

Parking rates are effective September 1, 2022. (Last updated August 2022)

LRPPA A Zones Employees Monthly $75.00
LRPPC C Zones Employees Monthly $65.00
LRPPL L Zones Employees Monthly $45.00
LRPPCH CH Designated Chancellor Monthly $200.00
ELEC Electric Veh Charging Spaces Employees Monthly $15.00 (in addition to base permit cost)

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