Level Rate Parking Program is UC Davis' Monthly Parking Option

The Level Rate Parking Program (LRPP) is a monthly parking payment option for employees, or others who are approved through TS on an exception basis.

It's a cheaper alternative to paying daily rates for those who need to park on campus most days.

New Flexibility in 2023

Beginning on Jan. 1, 2023, those with an LRPP can easily switch between purchasing an LRPP or paying daily rates through AMP Park on a month-to-month basis.

Options and Scenarios 

  • You need to park on campus nearly every day, every month.
  • Renew your LRPP – it’s cheaper than paying daily.
  • You plan to park on campus most days in January, but will not park on campus (e.g., vacation, work/study from home) for most of February.
  • Renew your LRPP for January, but simply let it expire for February and instead use AMP Park to access daily rates for the days you park on campus. You can buy the LRPP for March, if needed.
  • You plan to park on campus only a few days in January, but will park on campus most days in February.
  • Do not renew your LRPP in January. Simply let your LRPP expire on Dec. 31 and use AMP Park to access daily rates in January. Buy the LRPP for February as early as 5 days before the start of the month.
  • You’re not entirely sure how many days you’ll be on campus in January. It could be most days or very few, but you’ll know better on Jan. 5.
  • Do not renew your LRPP in January – let it expire Dec. 31. Pay daily rates via AMP Park until Jan. 5 when your on-campus parking needs are clearer, and then buy an LRPP if it makes financial sense. You can buy an LRPP for February as early as January 25, if needed.  

Important Rules and Disclaimers

  • An LRPP expires on the last day of the month and if an affiliate doesn’t renew their LRPP, they are automatically converted to daily rates.
  • You can purchase an LRPP as early as 5 days before the start of the next month and it will be effective on the 1st of the month. If you purchase an LRPP on the 1st (or later), it is effective immediately.
  • LRPP rates aren’t pro-rated (i.e., the LRPP price doesn’t decrease if you buy it later in the month).
  • No refunds on LRPP purchases.
  • LRPP permits are valid Monday - Friday
  • In early 2023, LRPP permit holders will be able to access cheaper, affiliate daily rates in AMP Park for weekend events.
  • While you can register multiple vehicles in your LRPP account, only one may be parked on campus at any given time (T&P Code 4.17).

Monthly Parking Rates (LRPP)

LRPPA A Zones Employees Monthly $80.00
LRPPC C Zones Employees Monthly $70.00
LRPPL L Zones Employees Monthly $50.00
LRPPCH CH Designated Chancellor Monthly $225.00
ELEC Electric Vehicle Charging Spaces Employees Monthly $17.00 (in addition to base permit cost)

LRPP monthly parking access works similar to daily parking in that you have access to your zone and "lower-tiered" zones. For example, if you have an LRPPA, you may park in A, C and L Zones. If you have an LRPPC, you may park in C and L Zones.

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