Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Thank you for going electric!

We don’t have to tell you that driving an electric vehicle is in step with the sustainability goals of the University. For our part, Transportation Services remains committed to supporting commuters who choose to drive electric vehicles and we are always working to build upon our existing charging infrastructure to better support your carbon-free commute!

Charging and Parking

Electric vehicles (EV) may utilize parking spaces designated for electric vehicle charging at various locations around campus. These spaces provide access for charging purposes only, up to the posted time limit, and are not meant for daily parking. Please be courteous to other electric vehicle drivers and do not unplug vehicles without the owner’s express consent. Transportation Services requests that you return the cord to the charging station when finished. 

EV Parking Payment Options

  • Daily Parking | You may pay one daily rate to park and charge your electric vehicle through the AMP Park app. The "Zone + Electric" price includes the cost of charging your vehicle for up to 4 hours, as well as your parking permit. After your 4 hours of charging are up, you may re-park in an equivalent or lower cost zone at no additional cost.
    • To pay, look for a "+ EV Fueling" zone in the app, which will be posted on signs located at charging station parking stalls. 
    • Charge only up to the time posted, then move your vehicle to an equivalent or lower cost zone.​​​​​
  • Level Rate Parking Program (LRPP) Permit Holders | The LRPP is a monthly parking payment option for employees or others who are approved through TS on an exception basis. Those with an LRPP permit can purchase a virtual EV add-on permit to charge on campus for up to the posted time limit of 4 hours per day.
    • Enrollment in the LRPP is required. Click here for instructions on how to enroll.
    • EV Add-On Permit is required. To purchase an EV add-on permit, please contact Transportation Services at parking@ucdavis.edu or 530-754-3687.