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Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles (EV)

When parking on the UC Davis campus, electric vehicles are required to display a valid campus parking permit and may park in a space where the permit is honored.

Electric vehicles may utilize spaces that are designated for electric vehicle charging at various locations around campus (please see permit requirements below). These spaces provide access for charging purposes only, up to the posted time limit. Please be courteous to other electric vehicle drivers and do not unplug vehicles without the owner’s express consent. Transportation Services requests that you return the cord to the charging station when finished.

EV Permit Requirements

Electric vehicles charging at designated charging stations or electrical outlets on the main campus are required to display an appropriate permit. An ELEC decal must be purchased (effective July 1, 2019) from Transportation Services and applied to one of the following valid UC Davis permits:

  • Any Monthly, Quarter, Semester, Annual or Multi-year permit, including M (motorcycle) and those issued for departmental use
  • CP (Carpool) and GP (Vanpool) permits
  • GCA/GCC (goClub) cardstock 24-use permits (offered at a one month rate)
BoltELEC +$10/month | Electric vehicles (EV) need to purchase an ELEC overlay sticker in addition to a parking permit. The overlay sticker alone is not a permit and there is a monthly charge in addition to the price of your monthly parking permit.

ELEC decals are not required for use on the following permits:

  • Daily Visitor/Guest permits

ELEC decals must be purchased using the same payment method (payroll deduction, credit card, etc.) and with the same expiration date as the permit it is applied to. goClub members may purchase a decal for their complimentary 24-use GCC/GCA permit. To obtain an ELEC decal for a current permit, please come into Transportation Services during our regular business hours with the permit the decal will be used on.

Transportation Services remains committed to supporting commuters who choose green commute alternatives. Although electricity for vehicle charging has historically been provided at no cost to drivers, establishment of this new charging rate is necessary to comply with new tax laws (Unrelated Business Income Tax) and to help recover some of the costs associated with TAPS providing electricity to our EV customers.  

Charging Options

  • LEVEL 1 CHARGING (110 outlets)
    Electric vehicles displaying a valid UC Davis permit with an ELEC decal may park on campus in a space where the permit is honored.  Vehicles may charge for an unlimited period each day when using outlets in areas not posted with a charging time limit.  Daily Visitor Permits are exempt from the ELEC decal requirement.
  • LEVEL 2 CHARGING STATIONS (32 amp chargers)
    Vehicles displaying any valid UC Davis permit with an ELEC decal may park and charge up to the posted 4-hour limit, after which time the vehicle must be moved to a parking space for which their permit type allows. Daily Visitor Permits are exempt from the ELEC overlay requirement.

EV Charging Stations Map at UC Davis