Transportation and Parking Administrative Advisory Committee

Transportation and Parking Administrative Advisory Committee (TPAAC)

About - Justification of TPAAC

The Transportation and Parking Administrative Advisory Committee assist the Vice-Chancellor of Finance, Operations and Administration (FOA) in the formulation of policies and procedures related to the overall transportation program of the Davis campus including vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic circulation patterns, and parking facilities and programs as well as the operations and services of the University Airport; to provide a communication link between the users of transportation programs and those responsible for providing such programs and enforcing the regulations governing them. 


The committee reports in an advisory capacity to the TPWG chaired by the Associate Vice-Chancellor—Campus Planning and Environmental Stewardship. Recommendations from the Committee should be submitted to the Vice-Chancellor and the TPWG throughout the year or once annually as the Committee prefers.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Maintain communication with the campus community and recommend policy regarding traffic (pedestrian, vehicular, and bicycle) circulation and related parking problems.
  • Assess campus parking needs and recommend to the Vice-Chancellor—FOA on the timing and siting of parking facilities to accommodate all types of transportation modes and purchase and installation of related equipment.
  • Review and recommend suitable regulations and policies and procedures necessary to govern transportation activities.
  • Review and recommend changes, as required, to existing standards that pertain to circulation paths, walkways and streets.
  • Review current and long-range plans and goals related to transportation programs and evaluate their appropriateness in relation to the overall campus needs.
  • Consistent with the Airport Master Plan, formulate recommendations related to operations, financing, safety, planning, and services of the University Airport including proposed contracts for services and leases.
  • Advise the Transportation and Parking Work Group (TPWG) on matters related to transportation programs and facilities referred to the committee by the Vice-Chancellor— FOA.

Committee Composition

The Transportation and Parking Administrative Advisory Committee is a committee made up of volunteers from the UC Davis community, which include:

  • Staff 
  • Undergraduate Students
  • Graduate Students
  • Visitor Representation: Staff from the Campus Special Event Management Group (SEMG)
  • Academic Federation (Representative) 
  • Academic Senate (Representative)
  • Disabilities Issues Administrative Advisory Committee (DIAAC) 
  • At-large members
  • Ex Officio, Non-Voting 
    • Chair, Executive Director of Transportation Services
    • Representative Finance, Operations and Administration
    • Representative, Design and Construction Management
    • Representative, Unitrans
    • Representative, UCDPD