Transition to Aggie Enterprise

Orders for events occurring on or after December 18, 2023, must be submitted using the Aggie Enterprise account string (COA) for billing instead of a KFS recharge account.

AggiePark Event Services

Event Services for Campus Departments

Transportation Services offers a comprehensive event parking program that manages vehicular access, provides parking convenience, and maintains a positive presence throughout major events on the Davis campus, to better serve attendees at events that impact the campus parking program. Campus departments may request the services offered below through the online system. 

To learn more about the event services AggiePark offers, watch our introductory webinar. To get started, request an AggiePark departmental events account

Services Offered

  • Reserved Parking Spaces | Choose this option if you would like to reserve parking spaces for your guests.
  • Reserved parking spaces for guests can be requested for weekday and weekend events. Please note that additional costs may be required for larger setups or for requests submitted with less than three business days' notice. 
    • •  $15/day for each space reserved
    • •  $80/setup cost (which includes signs and setup)
  • Virtual Conference Permits | Conference permits are an option for any size event where individual attendees aren't known.
  • Virtual conference permits are designed to provide parking for up to five sequential business days. For those instances when an event's duration may be longer than five business days, please contact our Events & Access Supervisor by email, or by phone: 530-752-7657.
    • •  $14/day per permit
    • •  $80 permit preparation fee per order
  • Parking Attendants | Choose this option if you would like parking attendants to staff the parking lot(s) at your event.
  • This is a good option for departments that want the added customer service of a parking attendant to provide parking information to guests and support traffic control. 

    The department will be charged $16.50/per hour per attendant (plus one additional hour per attendant for preparation and completion).
    • •  $80.00 processing fee
  • Digital Message Boards | Message boards are helpful tools for sharing important information with your guests.
  • Digital message boards are a good option for departments that want the added customer service of sharing a welcome message or important information like traffic directions with their guests upon arrival.
           •  $50/day
           •  $80.00 processing fee

Place an online order through the Special Events Parking System.