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The kiosks will be closed until further notice, and our lobby is closed to regular walk-in traffic. Appointments can be made if needed by contacting Parking.

Daily Rates

Introducing Daily Rates for Parking

Daily Rate Overview

Our campus parking system is in need of an upgrade. Commute patterns are changing and Transportation Services (TS) is adapting operations in a way that can better serve campus and Aggies with flexible work and class schedules. Introducing a daily parking option allows for the campus community to pay for parking as they need. 

You pay for the days you park, not for the days you don’t.

Offering monthly permits doesn't make sense as it used to. While Aggies continue to do their part to fully resume campus operations, we anticipate the number of employees and students visiting campus to remain low. Daily parking rates offer daily choices to staff and student drivers who are adapting to virtual work/learning as part of regular flexible schedules. For staff and those regularly driving to campus, daily parking rates are particularly important as a large portion of our workforce will continue working remotely for the foreseeable future. Similarly, daily rates will allow students to easily pay for the days they park on campus, rather than pay for an entire month. Plus, you can pay for parking from your phone with ParkMobile!

Daily Rate Pricing

Beginning Jan 1, 2021
Beginning Jan 1, 2021
Daily A N/A $3.40 N/A
Daily C $3.00 $3.00 $10.00
Daily L $2.00 $2.00 $10.00
Monthly Permits Discontinued Jan 1, 2021 Available until June 30, 2021 N/A

See Daily Parking FAQ

Daily Rate Schedule

  • STUDENTS - Daily Rates 
    Daily parking rates take effect for students in C ($3/day) and L ($2/day) permit areas and may be paid for through the ParkMobile app. Monthly parking permits are no longer available for students. Members of goClub are not eligible for the affiliate rates. 
  • EMPLOYEES - Daily Rates 
    Daily parking rates take effect for employees in A ($3.40/day), in C ($3/day) and L ($2/day) permit areas and may be paid for through the ParkMobile app. Monthly parking permits will no longer be available for employees after 6/30/21.  Members of goClub, or those who have a physical permit are not eligible for the affiliate rates. 
    •  Transportation Services is working with WageWorks to ensure there is an option for employees to use a pre-tax, payroll deduction option to load onto their ParkMobile accounts monthly. We will have more information closer to the new fiscal year in July 2021. 

Pay for Daily Parking with ParkMobile

First time using ParkMobile?

  1. Download the ParkMobile App [Text me a link!]
  2. Set up your account with your UC Davis email address only. Add as many vehicle license plates as you like.
  3. Enter the ParkMobile zone number (zone signs will be posted around campus lots).
  4. Input parking duration. Done. Though, if paying hourly (zone 35200), you may also extend your time, anytime, with the ParkMobile app.

No Cell Phone or Older Phone? No Problem.

  1. Click here to visit the ParkMobile website.
  2. In the upper right corner select the icon to open the menu 
  3. Select Sign In/Sign Up
  4. Use UCD email address to set up (when applicable)
  5. Enter vehicle(s) and payment types of your choosing
  6. Once the account is set up, you may access the website in step 1, and select 'Ready To Park Now' at the top to pay for parking.

Learn more about ParkMobile

Questions? Click here to watch videos with Tips & Demos from ParkMobile, or review the ParkMobile FAQs.