Restricted Spaces

Restricted spaces are enforced 24 hours, 7 days a week and may be designated and identified by the presence of posted signs, curb markings, parking space markings or other similar devices commonly used to indicate vehicle parking spaces. Unless you have the appropriate permit or authorization from Transportation Services, please do not park in the following areas:

  • Red zones or Reserved spaces
  • Loading zones or time zones, beyond the posted maximum time
  • Diamond E/Vendor, Chancellor/Vice Chancellor/Deans areas
  • Disabled, D, H, TH and Special Permit spaces
  • Carpool/Vanpool Spaces (until after the posted time)
  • Any other restricted space/area
  • Meters, beyond maximum time purchased with coin (until after 5pm with a valid permit)
  • Housing areas (as posted)
  • Bike or pedestrian pathways
  • Unpaved or unmarked parking areas