Updates, Technology

New Parking Technology

We’re introducing upgraded transportation technology as early as Fall 2020

solar powered permit dispenser
Solar-powered permitting stations
  • E-Permits | We're doing away with hangtags and use your license plate as your permit.
  • Pay-By-Phone Parking | Pay for parking from your phone using a credit/debit card or deposit pre-tax-funds as credits into your account to pay as needed.
  • Parking App | Plan where to park before leaving home. As part of pay-by-phone parking, we'll be partnering with a vendor/app that will allow you to easily find parking on campus by looking at the real-time parking inventory.
  • Online Bicycle Registration | We want to simplify and streamline the bicycle registration process and increase communications with registered bicycle owners, which is all possible with online bicycle registration.


Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

LPRALPR (or LPR) technology is a computer-controlled camera system that scans license plate numbers to verify which vehicles have permits and paid for a space, and which vehicles have not paid for their space. Essentially, your license plate will become your permit, making it easier to park without the need to display a hangtag. Many UC Campuses and cities around the country use similar systems to streamline the parking and enforcement process.

Security Your security is important to us. The University is committed to ensuring the collection, use, maintenance, sharing, and dissemination of ALPR information is used for official business purposes only, and is consistent with respect for individuals’ privacy and civil liberties. Please click here to learn more on ALPR camera and data security policy.