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Drive Alone

Drive Alone Go Ahead, Drive Alone

Okay, this is a mixed message. We know. Hear us out. For many in the Aggie Community, driving alone, or in a single-occupancy vehicle to campus goes against the goals of the goClub, and even sustainability efforts put forth by the University. What we really want you drive alone-drivers to know is this: We see you and we need your help.


Telework / Telecommuting Teleworking / Telecommuting is a Commute Mode

You might be asking yourself, Why is teleworking grouped in with the goClub? We consider working from home a type of commute and one in step with the goals of the goClub--to connect the Aggie Community with lower-cost and lower-stress commute options. As well, teleworking is a favorite goClub commute mode among many Aggies because it allows for more work-life balance while maintaining productivity.

Meet the Poolbusters, East Bay Vanpool

For many, the thought of commuting daily to UC Davis from the Bay Area may seem, well, crazy. Meet the Poolbusters, an El Cerrito-based vanpool that was established in 1985, where for passengers getting to and from UC Davis is a community effort, and just part of their workday.

Zimride with Aggies in the Sacramento Area

Within the Sacramento Metro area, ride-hailing is on the rise for people who want to save time and money. Zimride, the carpool-matching platform is gaining in popularity and allows for scheduling your ride ahead of time.


goClub | goTrain Details Why choose goTrain?

Davis is fortunate to have its own train station Downtown, connecting the Aggie Community from the Bay Area, Sacramento, and all the way up to Auburn via Amtrak's "Capitol Corridor."  All Capitol Corridor trains are equipped with luxury seating, food cars, and Wi-Fi, allowing you to get a head start on morning emails or just relax while you commute.


goClub | goBus Details Why choose goBus?

Commuting to campus from home by bus is becoming more of a viable option for those in the Aggie Community. Yolobus, Solano Express, and Unitrans buses all serve Davis and surrounding communities, bringing students, staff, and faculty directly to campus.


goClub | goVanpool Details Due to COVID-19, there are not any vanpools currently in operation. Why choose goVanpool?

Vanpools are a group of 5-10 people who commute together to campus in a leased passenger van. Vanpools are becoming more popular for students, staff, and faculty that live further from campus and are looking for low-cost rideshare.

If you are willing to try vanpooling as your primary commute, we encourage you to connect with a coordinator in your area.