Services Offered

COVIDDue to the COVID-19 pandemic and the campus’ reduction of operations, Transportation Services has had to limit much of its services. Please see description of services below and contact our offices with any questions.

goClub program | 530-752-6453
The goClub offers benefits to the Aggie Community who choose to give up their single-vehicle parking permit in favor of an alternative transportation option. With the goClub being funded through the sale of parking permits and enforcement fines, we have had to make significant cuts to the benefits and subsidies for our members. Despite these changes, our commitment to sustainable transportation is only temporarily eclipsed by public health guidance and what we hope to be short-term budget challenges.

Aggie Bike Buy Program

The ASUCD Bike Barn offers the Aggie Bike Buy program to new and returning students, staff and faculty. A customer may select a bike, customize it with accessories, and add a service plan online at an affordable rate. This program is ideal for new students, staff, and faculty who would like to have a quality bike ready for pick-up when they arrive on campus.

Bicycle Repair Stations

There are currently over a dozen self-service bike repair stations on campus with more on the way. Each repair station allows you to mount your bike to the station and contains a flathead and Phillips screwdriver, a set of box and Allen wrenches, two tire levers, a Torx wrench and a tire pump. If you find that a repair station is damaged, please contact the Bicycle Program.

Bike Commuter Lockers and Cage

Members of the goBike program who are interested in a secure place to store their bicycle during the day can get a 20% discount on the rental of one of our bike commuter lockers or a spot in the Quad Parking Structure bike cage. These spaces normally rent at $10/month, are billed by the fiscal year, and for goBike members who forgo access to the Daily Choice Parking Rate and commit to solely commute by bike are discounted to $8/month. 

Bicycle Education and Enforcement Program (BEEP)

When a bicyclist is issued a citation on campus, they are given the option to take an online bike safety course for a reduced fee to have the citation dismissed. BEEP offers an educational and more affordable option for those who are cited. Anyone can take the online course for free if they have not been issued a citation by visiting

Zipcar carsharing program

Zipcar provides convenient access to vehicles parked on campus, available for hourly or daily rental 24/7. With a Zipcar membership, you may rent a Zipcar online or by phone and have access to a vehicle within minutes. Fuel and insurance are included with the cost of the rental. You may join or learn more at

Transportation Services Motorist Assistance Program

Complimentary on-campus motorist assistance services may be obtained during regular parking enforcement hours.

Bike lock-cutting service

If your bike is on UC Davis Property, and you have lost your bike keys or your bike lock is malfunctioning, Transportation Services can help. Call the Bicycle Program and we can come out and cut your lock. We do require that the bike have a valid campus bicycle registration when we cut the lock. If it doesn’t, we can register the bike anew when we cut the lock. A valid photo I.D. (e.g. student registration card or drivers license) will also be required.

UC Davis Bike Auction

Transportation Services disposes of abandoned, unclaimed bicycles through online public auctions several times per year. Over 1,200 bikes are sold annually! Information about the next bike auction can be found here:

Mobility Assistance Program (MAS)

The Mobility Assistance Shuttle provides shuttle service to current UC Davis students, faculty, and staff with documented disabilities (temporary or permanent). The MAS provides on-campus rides to specified locations for academic or work-related purposes year-round. More information can be found at