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Your ParkMobile Questions Answered

FAQ: ParkMobile App

  • What is ParkMobile?
  • ParkMobile is an app that allows you to locate and pay for parking from your phone. Watch video below to get acquainted with ParkMobile.
  • Where can I find the ParkMobile app?
  • You can download the ParkMobile app from your Apple or Android device, visit parkmobile.io for more information, or ask that ParkMobile Text Me a Link to the App.
  • What are the rates to park on campus using ParkMobile?
  • Please visit Types and Rates for is list of our updated parking price structure. 
  • Why was I charged the visitor rate to park and not the cheaper, affiliate rate?
  • In some cases you may be charged the Visitor rate ($12/day) because you are not an affiliate of UC Davis or set up your ParkMobile with a non-UC Davis email. Visitors (non-affiliates) are not eligible for the lower daily rates. If none of these cases apply to you, and you feel you were charged $12 in error, please contact parking@ucdavis.edu.
  • Who is eligible for the campus affiliate daily parking rates?
  • Staff and students are eligible for the (lower) affiliate rates. 

  • Will everyone need to download the ParkMobile app in order to pay for parking?
  • Using the ParkMobile app is the most convenient method to pay the daily rate for parking, and in order to use it, we recommend you download it. However, you can go to the ParkMobile website to set up your account and complete your transaction.
  • What should I do if I’m trying to pay for parking and ParkMobile isn’t working?
  • If you experience issues with ParkMobile you have a few options to troubleshoot:

    • Please park in a regular space as you would normally and try payment on the app later in the day. Sometimes, the WIFI signal is weak in the lots and payment cannot go through.
    • See if the ParkMobile app needs updating. We have seen with some devices that the issue is with the version of the app running on customer phones.
    Pay online by clicking here to visit the ParkMobile site.
    • Send an email to transportationservices@ucdavis.edu and let us know what is going on. Sending an email will also ensure your issue is documented. If you do happen to receive a citation for regular permit space, email taps-appeals@ucdavis.edu and we can assist with retroactive permit purchases and/or a dismissal of your cite. 

  • What if I don’t use a smartphone and can’t pay for parking using the ParkMobile app?
  • If you don’t use a smartphone you may pay for parking using the instructions available here.
    Note: If you pay for parking at one of our permit dispensers, you will pay the visitor rate and not the daily affiliate rate. 

  • I don't have a calling plan on my smartphone. Will there be wi-fi access in the parking lots?
  • Wi-fi access to the parking facilities is being assessed and enhanced where possible.
  • Can you switch between vehicles you drive to campus? Can I register more than one license plate?
  • You control which vehicles you want on your ParkMobile account and choose which vehicle you want the permit to belong to on each transaction. If you need to switch between parking a vehicle you have registered and normally drive to a vehicle that is not registered--such as a loaner when your car is being repaired, or if you live in a multi-vehicle family and need to switch cars for the day--you may update the license plate and vehicle information in your ParkMobile account.
  • When you drive to campus and pay for parking, can you switch cars without having to pay again?
  • No. When you pay to park, you select the vehicle you are parking for the day and the payment is assigned to the license plate of that vehicle. In the same day, if you switch vehicles and park you will need to pay for parking for that different vehicle.
  • How will ParkMobile work if I carpool to campus?
  • Members of carpools are responsible for working out how to split the costs of driving/parking. One way to split carpool pricing using ParkMobile is, if you share a ride, each rider can input the license plate of the person driving. You don't have to drive the vehicle (or own it) to put add the license plate number to your ParkMobile account. When your carpool arrives to campus and parks, a designated passenger (or whoever) can open the ParkMobile app and click on the license plate of the vehicle parking for the day. Carpoolers can simply alternate paying for carpools from day to day.
  • What happens if a person who commutes cannot (will not) use their cell phone to pay for parking? Will they still be able to park? How will they pay?
  • Anyone who does not wish to use the ParkMobile app may pay for parking at one of our pay-on-foot permit dispensers or the toll-free number but will not receive the affiliate rates. You can also set up your account via the ParkMobile website (instructions are available here) and receive the affiliate rates.  
  • What happens if someone forgets to use the ParkMobile app for the day and parks their vehicle anyway?
  • You may receive a citation if you have not paid for parking, or Compliance Officers find no evidence you have paid for parking on the day in question. 
  • What if I park on campus and plan to stay for an hour, but then have a change of plans and can’t get back to my car for 4 hours?
  • Parkers paying by the hour may set up their ParkMobile or Cosmo setting to receive smartphone notifications that your time is expiring and offer you the ability to extend your time.  
  • If I always come to work M-F and park in the same lot, can I register my parking for the week all at once?
  • You will need to complete your transaction each day you park on campus. However, once your ParkMobile account is set up you can "favorite" certain lots within the app, which will serve a bookmark for quick payment. 
  • Can only one account be associated with ParkMobile? For instance, do I need to register with my UC Davis email and can I also have an account with my personal email?
  • You can decide how you want to set up your accounts. However, you will need to use your UC Davis email account to receive the reduced daily rates.
  • Do you have to have the GPS turned on on your phone in order to use the app?
  • No. However, you will not receive information about the local zones that are available through the app. Turning on your GPS will allow you to see which zones are available through ParkMobile. 
  • What protections will ParkMobile have to protect my credit card information from cyber hacking?
  • ParkMobile went through a rigorous review process by the UC Davis IT Security team. They met all the required PCI compliance needs. Please check their website for more information about their security protections.
  • When events return how will campus guests use ParkMobile? Will they need to download the app? 
  • Yes. ParkMobile is one system, and we are looking at another that would allow the attendee to purchase their parking when they obtain their event tickets in a single basket transaction. 

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