ParkMobile Parking Signs 

When you arrive on campus and are looking for parking, you can expect to see ParkMobile signs posted in and around our parking structures and surface lots. Each ParkMobile sign will indicate the parking area as well as the zone number. The zone number correlates to the parking area and its assigned rate.

Anatomy of a Sign

Below is an example of ParkMobile signs you will find posted on the UC Davis campus. The signs contain information you'll need to complete your parking transaction so you can get on with your day.

ParkMobile Sign


NOTE: If you are calling the toll-free ParkMobile number to pay for parking, you will not have access to the affiliate rates. 

Sample ParkMobile Signs

Daily rate parking signs

Our main parking areas, or zones, are A, C, and L. Each zone has its own daily price. The closer you park to campus, the more expensive the rate is. 

Daily A
Daily C
Daily L


Electric Vehicle (EV) and Motorcycle parking signs

Please note: EV parking rates include a charging fee.

EV parking
Motorcycle parking

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