For more information on Transportation Services operations, please click here. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, Transportation Services is minimizing in-person contact.
The kiosks will be closed until further notice, and our lobby is closed to regular walk-in traffic. Appointments can be made if needed by contacting Parking.

FAQ: Parking Operation Updates

Parking Operation Updates Timeline

There's a lot changing to Parking Operations--but we're not doing it all at once. Please see below for a timeline of when we are rolling out our updates.

  • January 1, 2021 - Introducing Daily Rates! We know coming back from winter break and getting into the Zoom-of-things can be a lot. That’s why we’re soft-launching this first week back (January 4-8), easing the Aggie Community into our new, flexible way to pay to park on campus. We'll also be introducing ParkMobile (for customer-use) and our License Plate Recognition Technology (for Transportation Services-use).

    The easiest entry point is to use the first week of 2021 to get acquainted with
    ParkMobile and our daily rate structure (Daily C - $3/day, Daily L - $2/day). For students, Daily Rates will be the only option to park on campus. Employees will have the option to pay a daily rate, or continue to pay for a monthly permit (through June 30, 2021). 
  • January 11, 2021 – Daily Rates Are Here! We’re firing on all pistons now and Daily Rates are here to stay. We anticipate a significant reduction in the on-campus workforce, as well as in-person classes for the foreseeable future. Daily Rates will allow for Aggies with flexible work and class schedules to pay for the parking they need. 
  • July 1, 2021 – Daily Rates (And Only Daily Rates). Monthly and annual parking permits will no longer be available, and paying a daily rate for parking on campus will be the only option for students and employees. The A permit parking areas will also become Daily A stalls. (Pricing is still being determined.) Look for more updates to campus parking operations as we fully embrace a new vision for transportation and mobility on campus.

Need to cancel your monthly or annual parking permit? Visit our Payroll Deduction page for more information. 

FAQ: Parking Operation Updates 

  • How has Transportation Services responded to COVID-19?
  • March/April 2020 - When the order came to shelter-in-place, Transportation Services suspended all parking enforcement to offer an easement for those needing to maintain campus operations. Initially, the thought was that this cease in parking enforcement would be for a few weeks. As the months passed by, it became clear that the public health crisis was not letting up and our plan was not a sustainable one. Our operations suffered. We had to cancel goClub incentives, including transit subsidies.

    August 2020 - We had run out of reserves and had to resume parking operations.

    July 2020 - Transportation Services introduced new hourly rates for those needing to park on campus for a shorter period of time, and didn’t want to pay for an entire day. This change offered more flexibility in spending on parking.

    October 2020 - Because revenue for Transportation Services declined so sharply in 2020, we had to cut commute incentives for goClub members. However, in October we were able to earmark enough funding to temporarily bring back the complimentary goClub parking passes through the end of December 2020. These passes offer goClub members 2 complimentary days of parking per month, an easement for sustainable commuters needing to drive to campus.

    September 2020 - Transportation Services introduced a 3-part series, the Transportation Tomorrow Forum, to present challenges and discuss changes to parking operations as well as gain feedback from the campus community. (The final installation in this forum was on December 9, though we hope to continue this series in Spring 2021.) 
  • Why are you making these changes when there are not many people on campus or driving to campus?
  • There are fewer people commuting to campus, and introducing changes to parking operations inconveniences a smaller population of people than if the full Aggie community was commuting to campus on a regular basis. As more people return to campus, they can slowly integrate into the upgrades to parking operations.
  • Where did funding to pay for these parking operation updates come from?
  • Funding for updates to parking operations was earmarked in early 2019, prior to COVID-19 and orders to shelter-in-place. Transportation Services’ commitment to sustainable transportation is only temporarily eclipsed by the current public health guidance and budget challenges.

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