Zimride Commute Mapping
Zimride map marking available rides for any Aggie community member intersted in sharing a ride on their commute to/from campus.

Zimride with Aggies in the Sacramento Area

It’s a weekday. You’re sitting in traffic on the Causeway between Sacramento and UC Davis. Some days you spend less time idling behind tail lights than others. At least you have control of the radio. You can talk on your phone. Listen to a podcast…or two. Rest assured, you’re not the only one. In fact, roughly 4,000 other drivers are in their cars, alone, right next to you and on the same route and potentially with the same schedule. If you used Zimride it wouldn't be this way.

Within the Sacramento Metro area, ride-hailing is on the rise for people who want to save time and money. Services like Uber and Lyft are familiar for those needing to travel irregular and relatively short distances at a moment’s notice. But Zimride, the carpool-matching platform is gaining in popularity and allows for scheduling your ride ahead of time.

And whether you want to be a driver or a passenger, UC Davis has its own account and once registered, you can ride with other Aggies that are likely already arriving and departing campus the same time as you.

Transportation Services estimates that the current parking permit holder living in Sacramento and surrounding areas who drives a single-occupancy vehicle (no passengers), are paying roughly $400 in parking fees, gas, and maintenance a month. Compare that with Zimride, where, if you are commuting on a regular full-time work schedule, drivers and passengers can split the commuting cost two, three, or even four ways! Everyone wins, though you may need to share control of the radio.

pencilZimride Exercise | If you’re unsure if Zimride is right for you, you can register for free. Set your travel time, pick-up location, and see what options pop up for you. Or, if you wish to drive and have some extra time in the morning, map your route and see if there are passengers headed your way. There might be more Aggies living near you than you think and you could all benefit by making yourselves visible to one another. Give it a try and see what you find!


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