Parking During Commencement

Everyone’s getting ready for Commencement 2019! In fact, some smaller ceremonies are already happening right under your nose.

The vast majority of students, though, will be switching their tassels from right to left on June 14-16 at either the Pavilion or the Mondavi Center. That means, if you want to have the easiest commute possible, avoid the following parking areas on those days:

Three tips for minimal stress on these high impact days:

  1. Plan to park in a different lot ahead of time. Even if it’s farther away than you normally park, it may be worth the extra steps to have easier access to your car if needed.
  2. Don’t drive on those days. Instead, try out the Solano ExpressUnitrans if you live in Davis, bike if you like to ride, or try out Zimride and carpool with a colleague.
  3. If your position facilitates it, this might be a great day to telework from home.

Please visit the Commencement page for more information on the 2019 commencement ceremonies.

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