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So You Want to Purchase a Bicycle for Your Department

When planning to purchase a bicycle to be used by campus affiliates within your department, UC Davis asks that you make specific considerations:

  1. Purchase a bicycle from a reputable brand. Big-box stores do not sell quality bikes for UC Davis use nor are the bicycles assembled by bicycle mechanics. Instead, purchase bicycles from a local bike shop such as the UC Davis Bike Barn.
  2. Consider purchasing a bicycle with a “step-through” frame. A step-through frame makes mounting the bicycle easier for a wider variety of heights and flexibility.
  3. Yes on quick-release. While quick-release skewers increase the risk that bike parts could be stolen, using a quick release for your saddle height will help maintain ease of use for bicyclists of varying heights.
  4. Get all the gear. A bicycle is not complete without front and rear lights, a U-lock (preferably with an accompanying looped cable), and at least one helmet sharable by riders. Or get your own with Helmet Hair, Don't Care!
  5. Consider purchasing a basket (mounted on a rear rack or handlebars) to make transporting small amounts of cargo with ease.
  6. Upgrade your tires. Also, if it’s an option, choose a bicycle that comes with puncture resistant tires that include reflective sidewalls. This expense now will greatly reduce maintenance costs in the future.

After you’ve purchased the bicycle:

  1. Register your bike. Campus policy states that all bikes on site must be registered with the Transportation Services Bicycle Program. Call or write them for details on how to get your new bike registered. 530-752-2453 or  
  2. Designate a location for the key’s lock to be kept for easy access. If you choose to use a combination lock, make sure to record the combination.
  3. Plan for bicycle maintenance. Bicycle components like brake pads, chain, cables, and tires need to be inspected regularly to mitigate wear and tear and promote bicyclist safety. If there isn’t a confident bicycle mechanic in your office, consider subscribing to a UC Davis Bike Barn maintenance plan.
  4. Become a Savvy Cyclists. Hop on over to Canvas for the Cycling Savvy course and learn how to be an expert on bikes, regardless of where you ride. 

Lastly, remember that bicycling off-campus isn’t exactly the same as bicycling inside the campus’ restricted core. There are many more roundabouts and a much higher density of bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and pedestrians within the UC Davis core than most people are accustomed. Encourage all potential riders to watch the UC Davis BEEP video to introduce them to bicycling at UC Davis.

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