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Davis Bike Loop

Peace, Love, and Bicycles: Ride the Davis Bike Loop

A message from Jeff Bruchez, Bicycle Program Coordinator for Transportation Services at UC Davis.

Spring is in the air and we’re coming up on week two of the shelter-in-place orders for Yolo County. If you’re feeling cooped up and tired of staring at a screen for just about all human interaction, it’s an excellent time to get out and ride your bike!

If you’re in Davis, one of my favorite rides is the Davis Bike Loop! The Davis Bike Loop is a 12 mile route around the perimeter of Davis and is a leisurely ride with a mix of bike paths and bicycle-friendly roads for its entirety. An added bonus is that you can start from just about any part of Davis, and continue around until you meet back at your entry point. See my video of a lap I took last week starting from the UC Davis Arboretum.

Watch the video, leave a comment, share what is helping you stay happy.

Be well Aggies! 

See Route for Davis Bike Loop

ExclamationNote: Many public facilities are currently closed, pack in what you need (water/snacks/etc), pack out what you bring. Beware public restrooms may be unavailable, plan accordingly. At all times practice social distancing and sanitary habits.

About author: Jeff Bruchez is the Bicycle Program Coordinator for Transportation Services at UC Davis.
Video: Shot by Jeff Bruchez, our Bicycle Program Coordinator. Shot on a helmet-mounted Rylo camera, riding a Brompton.