Students ride bikes past the newly painted logo of the Gunrock in the bike circle. (Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis)

Peace, Love and Bicycles: Friendly University and Business

Aggie feedback needed for League of American Bicyclists surveys

Quick Summary

  • Fill out the survey for Bicycle Friendly University
  • Fill out the survey for Bicycle Friendly Business
  • Background on UC Davis, the makings of a bicycle friendly campus

Did you know that in 2013, UC Davis was only the second* school in the nation to be recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as a Platinum-distinguished Bicycle Friendly University? That recognition was only slightly preceded by our distinction as a Platinum-distinguished Bicycle Friendly Business. Now, we're working to renew our status as a Bicycle Friendly University and Business and are looking for your (Aggie) feedback!

Fill out a cycling survey - we'd love your feedback!

Do you have a vision for what you’d like to see your Bicycle Friendly University/Business to become? How can UC Davis be a better campus for cyclists? Care to share what you’ve found exceptional about how UC Davis invites cycling? Share your thoughts in the survey(s) below:

Bicycle Friendly University Survey Fill out survey Select affiliation as normal 12 questions, 3 mins
Bicycle Friendly Business Survey Fill out survey Student replies should select "customer" 14 questions, 3 mins

What's the difference between a Bicycle Friendly University and a Business?

Truthfully, there's not a lot of daylight between the League of American Bicyclists recognizing us as a Bicycle Friendly University as well as a Bicycle Friendly Business--because we are both and qualify for both. For students, the University functions as an important educational service, guiding our student Aggies through world-class education, and hopefully (or at least we like to think) helps them also bike while in pursuit of a degree. Additionally, the University has thousands of staff who support the academic and business enterprises that keep campus functional and support the learning environment in a number of ways. This is why UC Davis is distinguished by being both a Bicycle Friendly University and a Bicycle Friendly Business. UC Davis is dedicated to each and every Aggie, regardless of affiliation. We just love to help you bike (and want to improve your experience).

Some background on UC Davis and the makings of a bicycle-friendly campus

Bicycling is part of the Aggie DNA and we pride ourselves on our closed campus core and dedicated bicycle infrastructure--an environment that not only welcomes cyclists but also encourages cycling. Back in the 1960’s, in our university’s earliest years, bicycles were already the main mode of transportation on campus. Maybe we're a bit biased, but, little did then Chancellor Emil Mrak know, but his declaration of a “tree-lined, bicycling riding campus” was maybe the single most important quote that led to the layout of campus as we know it today. We have almost (or over) 30,000 bike parking spots, 18+ miles of bicycle trails, and a wide variety of infrastructure built that keep bikes moving with peak efficiency. Flash forward 60 years, it is clear that Chancellor Mrak’s vision lives on and cycling culture is still at the forefront of our campus identity. 

What does cycling culture look like in a COVID-era on campus?

Oooh, it’s busy out there! It’s the year 2021, and regardless of where we are with the pandemic, the “pandemic bike-boom” is upon us! In an age when public health is (still) a concern, cycling remains an ideal option for transportation and recreation as it is something you can do outdoors (most likely) and allows for social distancing. (Added bonus: It’s very carbon footprint-lite!)

Even with the increased number of cyclists we’ve seen this fall quarter, we absolutely love seeing bicycles everywhere on campus. What other means of transportation can get you so close to your destination? Going to class? Working out at the ARC? Dropping by the CoHo for an afternoon pick-me-up? A bicycle can get you closer than just about any other option. It’s no surprise to us that cycling is a vehicle of choice for most Aggies.

So, if you love cycling as much as I do, or if you have suggestions on how to improve the cycling experience on campus, we do hope you'll take a few minutes to offer your feedback in the surveys linked above. Thank you and ride safe out there!

Peace, Love, and Bikes,

xo Jeff

Peace, Love, and Bicycles is a series of educational bicycle articles by Jeffrey Bruchez, Bicycle Program Coordinator for Transportation Services. 

*Stanford was the first.

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