New ParkMobile Alert Coming Early January

New ParkMobile alert helps remind forgetful parkers

Pop-up alert in ParkMobile that reads: Welcome to UC Davis! Are you planning to park on campus today? Tap here to open ParkMobile and buy your daily permit now.
New ParkMobile alert coming in early January 2023.

Coming soon, the ParkMobile app is going to push users a once-daily alert if they come on campus.

The notification will ask "Are you planning to park on campus today?"

Users can opt out of receiving the alert within the ParkMobile app settings, but that ends all ParkMobile alerts, including those with parking session information. People parking at remote facilities won't receive the alert, but it is possible that ParkMobile users could receive the alert if traveling in close proximity to the campus (e.g., A St., Russell Blvd.).

Transportation Services has received this request from a significant number of users and we hope this change helps customers to remember to pay for parking.