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Mobile Ticketing for Intercampus Shuttle

Riding the Intercampus Shuttle between UC Davis and UC Davis Medical Health is more convenient thanks to Sacramento Regional Transit’s ZipPass app. Now, UC Davis students, staff, and academics can purchase single-ride tickets (must be used within 48 hours of purchase) and monthly passes for the Intercampus Shuttle right on their connected devices. We hope ZipPass will simplify your Shuttle experience and encourage more people to choose the Shuttle instead of driving between the campuses.

To purchase your ZipPass for use on the Intercampus Shuttle, follow these steps:

  1. Download “ZipPass” (Quick links: iOS, Android).
  2. Login or register (new users select “Sign Up With Email Address”).
  3. Once registered, tap on “Settings” at the bottom and then “Payment Method” to input your credit/debit card information.
  4. Select “Tickets” (in the menu along the bottom) to see your usable tickets and then click “Buy Tickets” to open the Store.
  5. In the Store you’ll find passes for the Intercampus Shuttle. Single-ride passes cost $1.50, and monthly passes are $45.
  6. After you make your purchase, find the tickets/passes under the “Tickets” section of the app.
  7. Activate your digital pass and show the driver when boarding the shuttle.

Save yourself time and give ZipPass, and our fast, reliable shuttle services, a try today! And if you’re interested in exploring more time and cost-saving commute options offered through UC Davis, join the goClub and take advantage of the services and incentives offered.


  • Can I still purchase a paper pass?
  • Yes. If you want a paper pass, you can still buy one at the regular storefronts listed on the Intercampus Shuttle webpage.
  • Can I use payroll deduction funds to purchase Intercampus Shuttle passes on ZipPass?
  • Not yet, but we’re working on that. Stay tuned!
  • Can I purchase a 10-ride pass with ZipPass?
  • You don’t need to. A 10-ride pass costs exactly the same as ten, single-ride passes, and with ZipPass, you can buy rides as needed.
  • How does this affect Business Passes?
  • No change.
  • Are members of the public allowed to use this app to board the Intercampus Shuttle?
  • Until the transition to the Causeway Connection is complete, only UC Davis students, staff, academics, patients, interns, volunteers, and visitors are allowed to board the Intercampus Shuttle.
  • How will this work with the new Causeway Connection?
  • We’re still working on that as well. More to come.
  • Can I combine the paper passes I already purchased with passes on ZipPass?
  • No. Paper passes cannot be combined with ZipPass tickets. We suggest you use any paper tickets you already have before beginning to use ZipPass.
  • Can I use my Intercampus Shuttle pass that I purchased on ZipPass for other routes offered through Sacramento RT?
  • No. Intercampus Shuttle passes purchased on ZipPass can only be used to board the Intercampus Shuttle and are not valid on any other bus routes.