Perry Eggleston

Eggleston Named Transportation Services’ Executive Director

Eggleston Named Transportation Services’ Executive Director

Transportation Services rolled into 2020 by naming Perry Eggleston as its new executive director. Eggleston has previously held positions as the director of parking and transportation services at the University of Texas at Arlington and Montclair State University in New Jersey. He holds doctoral and master’s degrees in Public Administration.

“Perry has an extensive background in transportation and parking, having helped dozens of campuses across the United States improve their efficiency, transportation demand programs, and customer service,” said Lucas Griffith, director of Campus Planning.

Still in his first month at the wheel, Eggleston recognizes that Transportation Services takes its responsibility to support the university’s sustainability mission very seriously. To that end, he plans to decrease the number of people who drive alone to campus.

“I am very aware there are myriad valid reasons people need to drive by themselves,” Eggleston explains. “However, our goal in Transportation Services is to increase the number of people who are willing to reduce their [single-occupancy vehicle] trips by using alternative means.”

Right now, UC Davis has more vehicles coming to campus than there are parking spaces. Reducing the number of cars needing to park on campus by 10 percent will free up 1,800 parking stalls, and by Eggleston’s estimate, save over $90 million in new garage construction costs.

“Just building new parking facilities is not always the best or most sustainable option if we can use what we have more efficiently,” Eggleston says.

The goClub, a program with Transportation Services, will play a part in this plan. The goClub incentivizes commuting via bike, carpool and public transportation, even subsidizing transit passes where possible.

Looking forward, Eggleston shares that for Transportation Services, “Customer service is fundamental to all our service offerings.” Soliciting feedback from Aggies, being transparent and showing how funds are improving the campus mobility network are among Eggleston’s top priorities as he plans to engage with the campus community.

Eggleston brings significant experience operationalizing transportation plans and will begin implementing recommendations from Transportation Tomorrow, a comprehensive transportation demand reduction project that was released in the summer of 2019 for the rapidly growing campus to reconsider its transportation patterns.

Read Transportation Tomorrow’s Top 10 recommendations above, or explore the full study yourself for more details about the future of UC Davis transportation networks.

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