Biking at UC Davis – The First Quarter Need-to-Know

Hello all! UC Davis Transportation Services welcomes our incoming class to the Aggie Family. The following are a few tips to help new-to-campus riders transition as quickly and smoothly as possible into the campus transportation system.

REGISTER YOUR BIKE | UC Davis mandates that all bicycles ridden on campus are registered using the California Bicycle License at the Transportation Services Office or at other pop-up registration areas. The process is fairly quick but lines can be long at the beginning of the year given the volume of new bicycles being registered. To expedite the process, bring cash ($12) to pay the registration fee and do not arrive in a large group. In fact, consider postponing registration until October to ensure a smooth and quick experience.
Bike licenses may be purchased during regular business hours at 200 N. Dairy Road (next to Hutchinson Field) or at the Transportation Services/goClub tent during the Fall Resource Fair, Monday, September 24, 2018, from 5-8 p.m. at Hutchinson Field.

LOCK UP YOUR BIKE | “I was gone for just a few minutes” is a well-known cry of a first-time bike theft victim, so remember that any lock is better than no lock. Of course, we Aggies aspire to be the best, so secure your bike in the best way possible: Use a U-lock to secure both a wheel and a part of the frame to an official campus bike rack. If you don’t have a U-lock and must use a chain or cable, wrap up that excess slack super tight so that a thief will have to work extra hard to cut it (or just walk away!).

GETTING AROUND OUR ROUNDABOUTS | Lastly, we have many roundabouts/traffic circles on campus. They allow for traffic to continue to flow instead of forcing a 4-way stop. Please remember that while they help you to keep moving, you need to slow down when entering a roundabout.

Welcome again and for an even more in-depth understanding of biking at UC Davis, please check out our video here:

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