See where (and when!) parking is the most impacted

How to Use this Map

  1. Hover your cursor over your preferred parking area. A bar chart will pop up. The bars represent when people have (historically) begun their parking sessions in that lot.
  2. If you see a large peak when you want to park, understand that many others will be trying to park within that same hour
  3. Consider modifying your arrival time to dodge the rush and ensure you get a parking stall where you want it.

About This Map

This map does not show parking utilization. We don’t have the ability to show that (yet!). Instead, this map represents when people park in the campus parking facilities. Where a “utilization” map can be useful to help you find parking right now, this map helps you plan when and where you want to park in the future.


  • ParkMobile has allowed us to see which campus parking lots have the highest utilization and at what times--a handy tool for anyone wishing to plan their commute and avoid parking congestion. 
  • Why is this helpful? This information sets expectations. As more and more people return to campus, we are able to see what driving commute patterns are emerging. Our hope is that this data is helpful to you as well, allowing you to make a choice on where to park, whether or not you want to drive to campus sooner (to beat the rush), or opt for alternative transportation. The choice is yours...we just provide the information.
  • The data is based on all the ParkMobile parking transactions made on campus since January 1, 2021. And we know what you’re thinking, “That data set isn’t going to perfectly predict commute habits for Fall 2021!” and we agree! It’s a very strong starting point, but we’re not done.
  • On October 4, we will update this map using only data from September 22 (first day of class) through October 1. This will be a stronger representation of what to expect this Fall. On November 4, we’ll update the map again with all Fall Quarter data to date. And finally, at the end of the quarter, we’ll do one more upload so that we get the whole picture for the Fall Quarter and use that to help people plan for Winter and Spring.