For more information on Transportation Services operations, please click here. In response to the Yolo County Shelter in Place order and the Chancellor’s guidance to reduce campus operations,
Transportation Services lobby and Kiosks will be closed until further notice. Please see information on our office hours and purchasing a permit by clicking here.


Corona VirusDue to the COVID-19 pandemic and the campus’ reduction of operations, Transportation Services halted the enforcement and sale of parking permits on the UC Davis campus when the campus suspended operations in March. With the goClub being funded through the sale of parking permits and enforcement fines, we have had to make significant cuts to the benefits and subsidies for our members.

Despite these changes, our commitment to sustainable transportation is only temporarily eclipsed by public health guidance and what we hope to be short-term budget challenges.

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Why choose goWalk?

Commuting to campus from home on foot is something few in the Aggie Community are able to do. Much of our campus community lives within a 20 minute walk of the campus and yet, despite the relaxing walk, many choose to drive regularly thereby impacting parking availability and worsening local road congestion.

If are able to walk to and from campus as your primary commute, we strongly encourage you to get those steps in, breathe that fresh air, and leave your car at home. Join the goClub as a goWalk member and be a part of the club with others looking for an affordable, low-stress commute.


Become a goWalk member!

Transportation Services offers the following incentives to goWalk members:

  • Use of shower and locker facilities at the ARC Pavilion
  • Discounted Zipcar membership
  • Before you apply, make sure your local address is current:
    • Employees, update your local address in UCPath
    • Students, update your local address in SISWEB