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Why choose goTrain?

Davis is fortunate to have its own train station Downtown, connecting the Aggie Community from the Bay Area, Sacramento, and all the way up to Auburn via Amtrak's "Capitol Corridor."  All Capitol Corridor trains are equipped with luxury seating, food cars, and Wi-Fi, allowing you to get a head start on morning emails or just relax while you commute. Train travel as a work commute option is becoming more popular for students, staff and faculty that live farther from campus and are looking to save time without giving up comfort for their commute.

If you are able to ride the train as your primary commute, we encourage you to give it a try and see if it's within your budget. 

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Train Route Information

For complete and up-to-date Capitol Corridor schedules and fare information please visit the Amtrak website, or call 1-877-974-3322 to talk to a live person.

Amtrak Shuttle is a special service offered by Unitrans on Sundays and select holidays (See service calendar for days). For transportation to the campus, Unitrans provides free service on the A line with a RT transfer obtained from the Amtrak conductor. Regular fares apply.

For BART schedules see their website: www.bart.gov.