For more information on Transportation Services operations, please click here. In response to the Yolo County Shelter in Place order and the Chancellor’s guidance to suspend campus operations,
Transportation Services offices and Kiosks will be closed until further notice. We will have a staff member responding to emails Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.


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Why choose goBike?

Have you heard? Davis is an oasis for cyclists and if you live near Davis you're fortunate to be able to commute to campus on bicycle. Once on campus, there's over 22 miles of pathways for you to explore and ride (and park) right where you need to be!

If you are able ride your bicycle as your primary commute, we encourage you to put on that helmet, learn your hand signals, and give commuting with the wind in your face a shot.


Become a goBike Member!

Davis is widely acknowledged as the most bicycle friendly community in the nation. Level terrain, mild climate and miles of bikeways make cycling the easy and fun way to get you where you want to go. Register as a goBike member and Transportation Services will provide you with the following benefits and incentives:

  • Use of shower and locker facilities at the ARC Pavilion, no membership needed
  • 20% discount on bike lockers (while supplies last)
  • 40% discount on Unitrans 10-Ride passes (1 per month)
  • Emergency Ride Home options
    • Live outside of Davis - Emergency Ride Home Program through Transportation Services
    • Live within Davis - Emergency Ride Home Program through the Yolo TMA
  • Complimentary parking permits for the days you are unable to ride your bike   
  • Explore other ride-share options available to the Aggie Community
  • Before you apply, make sure your local address is current:
    • Employees, update your local address in UCPath
    • Students, update your local address in SISWEB


Want to learn more about biking on the UC Davis campus? Visit the Bicycle Program.
See goClub Member Savings, Rate Sheet below


goClub Member Savings (Rate Sheet)

Need your transit pass now? Buy it at Transportation Services! Passes listed below are available during regular business hours. The general public may purchase any pass at full price. Only discounted prices are only available to UC Davis affiliates registered as goClub Members.

Amtrak Transit Voucher $50 (-$30) $20 ✓goTrain
Solano Express 31 Day Pass (SC)* $70 (-$30) $40 ✓goBus
Solano Express 31 Day Pass (OSC)** $114 (-$30) $84 ✓goBus
Unitrans Annually $216 (-$60) $156 ✓goBus
Unitrans Quarterly Pass $77 (-$23) $54 ✓goBus
Unitrans Monthly $30 (-$10) $20 ✓goBus
Unitrans 10-Ride Pass $7.50 (-$2.50) $5


* Solano County (SC) 31 Day Pass, pricing only eligible if point of origin is within Solano County
** Oustside of Solano County (OSC) 31 Day Pass, pricing only eligible if point of origin is outside of Solano County

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