For more information on Transportation Services operations, please click here. In response to the Yolo County Shelter in Place order and the Chancellor’s guidance to suspend campus operations,
Transportation Services offices and Kiosks will be closed until further notice. We will have a staff member responding to emails Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

The goClub has all your commute options!

Why Join the goClub?

The goClub connects the Aggie Community with lower-cost and lower-stress commute options. As a commuter, you decide what's important to you. Time, money, heath, environment--all are important and areas commuters often overlook when choosing their transportation mode. As a goClub member, you can consider your options and see what's right for you. Plus, members of the goClub receive subsidies on transit passes, 24 complimentary parking passes each year, as well as other benefits.

Before you join, try this:
  • Decide which commute mode interests you most.
  • Give it a try! Does it work for you? Do you like it?
  • Ask other commuters about their experience.
  • Or, ask us! We're here to help!

goClub MemberI used to drive to work but after one too many days sitting frustrated in traffic, I decided that's not how I want to end (or start) my day. I needed a change. Now, I ride the train to work. It's not the cheapest option day-to-day, but long-term, I end up saving a lot of time and feel much less frustrated. Plus, I read three books on my commute last month.

R. Jones, Martinez, CA | goTrain Member since 2019



goClub Member Savings (Rate Sheet)

Need your transit pass now? Buy it at Transportation Services! Passes listed below are available during regular business hours. The general public may purchase any pass at full price. Only discounted prices are only available to UC Davis affiliates registered as goClub Members.

Amtrak Transit Voucher $50 (-$30) $20 ✓goTrain
Solano Express 31 Day Pass (SC)* $70 (-$30) $40 ✓goBus
Solano Express 31 Day Pass (OSC)** $114 (-$30) $84 ✓goBus
Unitrans Annually $216 (-$60) $156 ✓goBus
Unitrans Quarterly Pass $77 (-$23) $54 ✓goBus
Unitrans Monthly $30 (-$10) $20 ✓goBus
Unitrans 10-Ride Pass $7.50 (-$2.50) $5


* Solano County (SC) 31 Day Pass, pricing only eligible if point of origin is within Solano County
** Oustside of Solano County (OSC) 31 Day Pass, pricing only eligible if point of origin is outside of Solano County

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FAQ: Commute Options (goClub)

  • I am a student living in Davis and would like more information about getting a carpool parking permit.
  • Students must live outside the Davis area to be eligible for a carpool parking permit. If you are a student and live outside the City limits, you may find more information about carpool parking permits by click here.
  • Is there shuttle service to the Sacramento International Airport?
  • Yolobus provides service between UC Davis and the Sacramento International Airport on route 42A/42B. Route 42A is available for service to the airport from UC Davis and route 42B for your return trip. For more information please visit the Yolobus website.
  • I would like to start taking transit to campus on a regular basis. How do I get a discounted pass?
  • First visit Transportation Services to return and cancel your existing parking permit (if applicable) then join the goClub online. As a goClub member you will qualify for a variety of discounts and services. To learn more about your commuting options you may call the goClub at 530-752-6453 or send us an email.
  • I can't share the ride to campus because I transport children to and from school/daycare, do you have any solutions?
  • One approach is to look for a carpool partner from your child’s school or daycare. Please take a look at the online carpool matching service for UC Davis affiliates at Zimride. Furthermore, as a member of the goClub you may qualify for the Emergency Ride Home Program in which Transportation Services will provide you a ride home, or to your commute starting point, if an emergency situation should develop during the day.
  • Are employees who reside in Davis eligible to carpool? What incentives does campus provide to promote carpooling by Davis residents?
  • Employees living in Davis are eligible to participate in the carpool program. Registered carpool members are provided with a reduced rate, preferential parking, pretax payroll deduction, courtesy parking permits and access to the Emergency Ride Home Program.

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