Parking Operation Update

Transportation Tomorrow Forum: 
Parking Operation Updates, Coming July 2021

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Transportation Tomorrow Forum. We appreciate your time, engagement and questions. See below for a summary of the forum as well as a link to a recording of the presentation.

  • TOPIC - Parking Operation Updates, Coming July 2021
  • ORIGINAL DATE - April 22, 2021, 3:30-5p
  • DISCUSSION TOPIC - At the start of the year, Transportation Services introduced new features to Parking Operations, which included ParkMobile, Daily Rates, and License Plate Recognition Technology. Executive Director for Transportation Services, Dr. Perry H. Eggleston, will also share how daily rates and the ParkMobile pay-by-phone app have been helping Aggies with flexible commutes, work, and learning arrangements that occasionally need to park on campus. 
    • Perry Eggelston, Executive Director, Transportation Services
    • Ramon Zavala, Transportation Demand Manager, Transportation Services
    • Ryan Jones (Moderator), Engagement Coordinator, Transportation Services 


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The questions below were raised during the discussion, submitted into the chatbox. In some cases, the questions have been edited for brevity and clarity.

Payroll Deduction
  • When and how can we set up payroll deductions for daily parking?
  • The process has not yet been finalized, but it will function similarly to how it was done with WageWorks. You will set an amount you wish to be taken from your paycheck (pre-tax), and that money will be loaded into a pre-determined card or account to pay for daily parking. Look for more information in the coming months as more details fall into place.
  • Will payroll deductions be through WageWorks?
  • Yes, though a new vendor may be used in the future.
  • Are graduate students who are on payroll with the university eligible for payroll deduction?
  • No. As long as a person is learning in pursuit of a degree, Transportation Services considers them a student first, regardless of whether they are receiving a salary or not. There is some exception for specific appointment/title code combinations.
  • Is there an update on the ParkMobile data incident?
  • We worked closely with IET to monitor this incident and gauge its severity. They have issued the following statement:

    According to [ParkMobile] the vendor, the vulnerability has been remediated. Additionally, the vendor has introduced additional measures to improve their security posture. To the best of our knowledge, no PII (e.g., credit card data) was compromised. However, users are strongly encouraged to change their passwords."
  • How do we make certain we get the affiliate rate when we use ParkMobile?
  • In order to ensure you pay the affiliate rate through ParkMobile, be sure you register with your UC Davis email address.

    Note: Those with active monthly permits (valid through June 2021) or are goClub members are not eligible for the affiliate rates. Also, be sure to read the signs. When you input a zone number (found on the ParkMobile signs), pay attention to whether or not you are inputting a daily zone number or an hourly zone number.
Sustainable Transportation, goClub
  • Will transit subsidies be available again to members of the goClub?
  • It is hard to say, but we hope so. The transit subsidies we were able to offer to our goClub members were funded by parking revenue. Because that same revenue has been drastically reduced over the past year, we have not been able to offer subsidies. As more people return to campus and our parking operations being to run more regularly (and predictably), we will revisit bringing back subsidies.
  • Will there be a carpool rate offered for goClub members through ParkMobile? 
  • No, but, you can save money by carpooling and splitting the cost of your commute with other riders in your vehicle. Simply trade off who pays on a given day and split the costs.

    Note: Due to Cal/OSHA’s
    Emergency COVID-19 rules (set to expire in October 2021), Transportation Services is not actively promoting ride-sharing at this time.  
Electric Vehicles
  • If you drive an EV, does ParkMobile know to charge you the EV rate?
  • EV spaces have their own parking and charging zone codes. Simply enter the EV code for the charging rate.
  • Are the EV charging stations limited to 4 hours?
  • Yes, but you can repark in a non-EV space for the rest of the day at no additional charge.
  • What if a person with a disabled permit wants to charge their EV?
  • As long as the person and vehicle have a valid DSA placard, they may park (and charge) without having to pay for parking.
  • Will there be more EV charging stations installed on campus? 
  • We are always reviewing our EV program and updating it as needed.
Campus Resident Parking
  • Is there an easier way for campus residents to pay for parking so we are not ticketed first thing in the morning? Currently, we have to pay for parking at midnight so we can avoid getting a parking ticket at 9 a.m. 
  • RDs and RAs will have access to the Daily Rate Pre-purchase Program.  Student residents will no longer have access to affiliate rates.  
Department Guest Passes
  • I work in a department that hosts many guests on campus. How will we purchase or issue passes to these guests so they do not have to pay for parking? 
  • By July 2021, we will have an online purchasing system in place so departments can order validation codes that can be used by their guests. Look for more details in the coming months.
  • Can a department reserve an A+ space for a guest/visitor? 
  • Yes.
General Parking Operations
  • For the parking reservation system, how can we see which spaces can be reserved ahead of time? Can you explain this system more? 
  • An A+ reserved zone will have ~12 available spaces, but only ~6 reservations will be available to ensure the zone doesn’t fill up by people who park there but do not reserve.
  • How does parking long-term on-campus work for staff traveling to a remote campus? For example, when I travel I obtain a UC Davis vehicle from Fleet Services and often need to park my personal vehicle on campus overnight or for a few days while I travel to the Bodega Bay, Tahoe, or Tulare sites. 
  • We are developing a process to address this. 
  • For departments that have paper parking passes to give to guests, can we be reimbursed? What will happen to these passes when Transportation Services begins to issue parking codes for visitor use? 
  • We will replace paid physical passes with validation codes. 
  • What happens with parking reciprocation between the Davis and the Health campuses?
  • Starting July 2021, reciprocity between UC Davis and the Health campus will follow the same policy as all UC sister campus parking reciprocity. Employees with ‘B’ or ‘D’ permits from Health can park in ‘C’ lots at UC Davis. There will be no reciprocity for student permits
  • Our department provides one free monthly permit to the members of the University Religious Council. What would be the best option moving forward for us to use so we can still provide this service? 
  • Contact our office to purchase a validation code for this purpose. 
  • If I purchase a daily permit for the day, can I use it for a special event later in the day? For example, I pay $3 to park in a Daily C zone, go home, then return to campus for an Aggie game. Do I pay again or is my daily rate good all day, even during events?
  • You do not need to pay a second time. You can park in any other C area during that enforcement period
  • When will the recording of the Parking Operation Update presentation be available?
  • The recording of the April 22 Transportation Tomorrow Forum is available for view. Please click here.
  • Will retirees need to use ParkMobile each time they come to campus or simply submit their license number and have that in the system? 
  • Retirees can request a validation code and input it into ParkMobile when they park on campus (~100 uses per fiscal year)
  • How will current monthly permit holders be transitioned to daily permits?
  • All employees with monthly parking permits may use them until the end of June 2021. As of July 1, 2021, all UC Davis employees must begin to pay to park using the daily rates, which may be paid for using ParkMobile.
  • Will there be any changes to Central Core permits? 
  • The core permits will transition to an “e-permit” instead of a physical permit.  Access privileges remain the same. 
  • My department pays for two annual permits for lab personnel on the Westside of HWY113 for when they need to come onto campus to pick up supplies, etc. Would we use the department guest codes? This annual pass was by exceptional approval so now we would just be giving staff, students, and faculty the guest codes? 
  • The departments would receive a list of one-time use codes to issue to their employees as needed. 
  • Can you address Labor Contract issues? How is Transportation Services going to ensure that the UC doesn't violate employee contracts? 
  • Campus unions are informed of parking rates offered in ParkMobile to ensure fees are in line with current union contracts. 
  • For staff that are working special events, are we going to be required to pay the higher special event rate or the affiliate rate? 
  • Staff will need to coordinate with their event organizers for their parking arrangements. 
  • I'm concerned about the reserved spaces taking parking spots away from already impacted lots. Where are the reserved spaces going to be and how often will they be re-evaluated? 
  • There are about 200 reserved spaces out of 18,000 total spaces located in 19 facilities across campus.
  • What if a retiree does not have a smartphone and cannot use ParkMobile? 
  • They can obtain their permit at home on their computer before they come to campus or call the toll-free number listed on every sign.