Transportation Tomorrow Forum: October 8

Transportation Tomorrow Forum:
Maintaining Operations During an Uncertain Time

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Transportation Tomorrow Forum. We appreciate your time, engagement and questions. See below for a summary of the forum as well as a link to a recording of the presentation.

  • TOPIC - Maintaining Operations During an Uncertain Time
  • ORIGINAL DATE - October 8, 2020, 3:30-5p
  • DISCUSSION TOPIC - Transportation Services is an auxiliary unit on campus, meaning we have to generate our own money in order to remain operational. No monies may be taken from student tuition, the University, or the State. Parking may not be given away free of charge. We must find ways to fund ourselves, which is done through the sale of parking permits and enforcement. Revenue earned goes back to pay for deferred maintenance as well as upkeep of campus roads, pathways and funding for commuting programs (goClub). In times of crisis, Transportation Services still must enforce parking and serve UC Davis, which may cause stress on essential workers and students who must continue to report to campus.

    You are Executive Director of Transportation Services, there's a crisis and you must charge for parking. During a long-term crisis, what does a campus parking system look like to you?
    • Perry Eggelston, Executive Director, Transportation Services
    • Ramon Zavala, Transportation Demand Manager, Transportation Services
    • Ryan Jones (Moderator), Engagement Coordinator, Transportation Services 

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FAQ: Transportation Services Operations

  • Will there be updates on continuing projects that affect transportation and/or parking?
  • Yes, we make every effort to share project developments with our permit holders, goClub members, and members of the Transportation and Parking Administrative Advisory Committee (TPAAC).
  • Has there been any discussion on offering student employees a discounted permit price?
  • Almost every subgroup of campus affiliates has requested consideration for a parking price discount. Unfortunately, parking fees may differ according to different types of access, proximity to various buildings and locations, use patterns, etc. Parking fees for the same access cannot be differentiated according to groups of individuals (i.e. faculty, students, or staff). (See Citation)
  • When air quality is bad or unhealthy, will there be Spare The Air day for non-permit vehicles, such as a non-enforcement day?
  • We have established a matrix for deciding when to suspend parking enforcement depending on high AQI and high air temperature. Our actions won’t exactly follow the Sacramento Area Spare the Air days, but they may overlap. 

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FAQ: Budget, Permits, and Rates

  • What are the fee increase plans moving forward at UC Davis?
  • We are always evaluating our services and the costs for those services in these unprecedented times. While increased parking costs are certain, the exact number is not yet known. 
  • Is there any protection against how much daily prices change?
  • We set our budget annually, and all permit prices must go through an approval process. While daily prices may adjust with inflation through the years, any increases will be announced in advance. 
  • Will there still be an option for annual permits or will we need to pay for parking daily?
  • As part of the Transportation Tomorrow findings, a daily fee structure encourages daily choices on transportation mode, and they would not pay for parking on the days they bike or walk. With that, we will be discontinuing most monthly/annual permits.
  • Have any other college campuses gone to daily parking payments?
  • Yes, some are in the process. (But UC Davis is the first! in the University of California system.)

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