Commuting Tips and Tricks

Commuting Tips and Tricks

Hosted via Zoom on Mar. 22, 2023

What We Covered

Transportation Services Updates

  • Overview of programs and services
  • Compliance trends
  • Pre-tax payroll deduction program

Commuting Tips and Tricks 

  • Transit discounts
  • How to load your bike on the bus
  • Benefits of separating your car keys from your "life" keys
  • How to create an automated ParkMobile reminder on your iPhone

Perry Eggleston, DPA CAPP, Department of Transportation Services, Executive Director
Bryce Council, Department of Transportation Services, Operations Director
Ramon Zavala, Department of Transportation Services, Transportation Demand Manager

  • What’s the status of the pre-tax payroll deduction program?
  • After going through the RFP process, Procurement Services awarded LUUM a contract. LUUM provides a payment card that can be used toward both parking and transit. Unfortunately, there are banking regulations that have slowed the implementation process and Transportation Services is currently working with the Office of the President and the Campus Controller’s Office to come to some resolution.

  • Tell me more about the future of EV charging on campus.
  • Unfortunately, after the pandemic, there is less revenue to build out EV charging stations across campus. Transportation Services is exploring federal and state grants to help fund the up-to-date EV charging infrastructure.

  • Tell me more about event parking for affiliates.
  • UC Davis students and employees now have access to affiliate rates for event parking, including on the weekends.

  • If bike racks are full when the bus arrives, what are my options?
  • Unless there are interior racks on the bus or you have a folding bike, your next best option is to wait for the next bus or explore secure bike parking facilities.

  • Where can I find more information on Tap2Ride?
  • For more information on Tap2Ride, visit

  • Are there plans to introduce new services related to on-demand mobility?
  • Transportation Services is looking into last-mile options like electric bike and scooter share and on-demand shuttle services. Stay tuned for more soon!

  • Are there any plans to update the download process from UCPath so new employees have access to affiliate rates prior to their first day of work?
  • Transportation Services is working with UC Path to reconfigure data streams and get quicker access to new hire information. In the meantime, we advise departments to reach out to our office once a new hire is assigned a UC Davis email, so we can manually add them to our system.

  • How do I set up a reminder to park on my phone?
  • Watch this short video on how to create a shortcut reminder.

  • Is it feasible to start a pedicab program on campus?
  • While this may not be easy to implement, it’s a great concept to move people and things around campus. Right now, there is a program exploring electric trikes, which Transportation Services will be keeping a close eye on.

  • Is there going to be a new parking app?
  • This is to be determined. Our contract with ParkMobile is expiring before the end of the year and we are exploring options with ParkMobile and other vendors to improve our services.

  • Tell me more about how to improve safe movement in the campus core.
  • We are exploring non-enforcement strategies like crossing guards, education, and infrastructure to encourage safe movement in the campus core.

  • Tell me more about zone allocations in parking facilities.
  • Transportation Services reassess parking allocations each year and use the summer to make any needed changes.