Transition to AggiePark

Hosted via Zoom on Aug. 15, 2023

iPhone AggiePark
What We Covered

Transition to AggiePark

  • Why the transition to AggiePark via the AMP Park app
  • Benefits of AggiePark

Department Updates:

  • Rate increases starting on Sept. 1 and background on why Transportation Services is obligated to charge for parking
  • Invoice program update
  • Introducing shared micromobility - Spin

Perry H Eggleston, DPA CAPP, Transportation Services, Executive Director 
Bryce Council, CAPP, Transportation Services, Operations Director 
Ramon Zavala, Transportation Services, Transportation Demand Manager 
Jeffrey Bruchez, Transportation Services, Active Modality Manager and Bicycle Program Coordinator
Shelby Slutzker, Transportation Services, Engagement and Marketing Specialist 

  • After purchasing a daily permit, can I move my car to another parking spot on campus?
  • Absolutely! If you need to move your vehicle throughout the day, your daily parking permit is valid in any equivalent or lower-cost zone across campus. For example, if you purchase a C+ zone parking permit, you can move to any C+, C, L, or F zone across campus.
  • Tell me more about electric vehicle fueling rates.
  • The electric vehicle (EV) daily fueling rate, which is currently priced at $2, is included in the purchase of a “Zone + EV Fueling” parking pass. The $2 is effectively a fuel charge that helps support the maintenance of EV infrastructure. Transportation Services, in coordination with campus partners, is exploring grants and other funding opportunities to update and improve the current EV charging system in the future.
  • Tell me more about Spin speed limits and no-ride zones on campus.
  • Spin devices have been programmed so that they do not exceed the campus speed limit of 15 mph. Spin devices will automatically adjust to 8 mph in slow zones and will stop working in no-ride zones. Tell me more about the pre-tax parking option.
  • What's the status of a pre-tax parking option?
  • We have resumed the implementation of a pre-tax option and plan to launch it before the end of the year. How it will work is employees will be able to set the amount of funds they'd like deposited for parking and transit on a payment card. For more information, visit this page.
  • Is there an exception process for students who need a monthly permit?
  • The Level Rate Parking Program (LRPP) is a monthly parking payment option available to employees. However, we do have an exception process for students who demonstrate a need for a monthly permit. To learn more about the exception process, send us an email at
  • What’s the process for purchasing parking for a department guest?
  • We have a new Departmental Guest Pass (DGP) e-permit functionality suitable for small events where parking is sponsored by the department. This feature allows for departments to pay only for the permits that are claimed by guests, via department recharge. To see a demo and sign up for access please visit our special event parking webpage.
  • Will parking rates continue to increase?
  • In the long term, rates will likely increase to ensure Transportation Services meets its obligations to maintain safe and sustainable infrastructure. Rates are determined annually after a thorough budget analysis and the department is committed to exploring how to reduce these increases through alternative funding sources.