The Transportation Tomorrow Forums' Most Asked Questions

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First time at a TTF? Have a bunch of questions that you’ve always wanted to ask, but never had the opportunity? Have no fear! Chances are that someone has already asked that exact question and the answer is below. Save yourself a couple minutes and do a quick scan or search (ctrl+F) of the questions below. If you find your question and answer, great! You've saved some time. If not, drop it in the Q&A function of the Zoom webinar and we'll be sure to answer your question ASAP.

  • Is there/will there ever be a monthly autopay option for LRPP? i.e. my credit card gets charged monthly for my permits?
  • The Transportation Services is looking into this process. Stay tuned. (Updated March 22, 2023)
  • Are permit prices going up next year?
  • Due to a bunch of different rules, we might not be able to say just yet. We will definitely let you know once we're allowed to talk about it. (Updated March 22, 2023)
  • Do I have to buy a new permit every time I move my vehicle around campus within the same day?
  • No. You only need to pay once so long as you stay within the same permit type or cheaper. That is to say if you bought a C+ permit at 8am, you can park in any other C or L stall until midnight that day. (Updated March 22, 2023)
  • Can you have two cars on your parking permit at the same time?
  • Yes you can register multiple vehicles to an LRPP permit, but they cannot both "use" the permit at the same time. This would be considered a "shared permit violation" and may result in a citation. (Updated March 22, 2023)
  • Where can L zone lists be viewed?
  • L zones are available on Lot 2, Lot 30 and Lot 57. (Updated March 22, 2023)
  • How can I pay for just an hour of parking?
  • Hourly rates continue to be available via the walk-up parking machines (often referred to by the name "COSMOS"). Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to find a list of locations.  (Updated March 22, 2023)
  • Is it possible to "upgrade" our parking permit in the middle of the day by just paying the difference?
  • We've been looking for ways to make this happen with the current system, but it's very complex. We may need to wait until we transition to a different parking software before this becomes a possibility. (Updated March 22, 2023)
  • Is there an effort to automate parking with readers at entry points along with a parking availability app?
  • This is one of the big projects we're exploring. No details yet, though. (Updated March 22, 2023)
Citations and Appeals
  • Can you explain the parking appeals process?
  • Please review the webpage here. (Updated March 22, 2023)
Providing Input
  • How can I provide direct input before new policy changes are made?
  • The Transportation Parking Administrative Advisory Committee includes representatives from throughout the campus and is consulted prior to making major changes to the parking system. Consider joining up! Learn more about the TPAAC here. (Updated March 22, 2023)
  • How do students join the Transportation Parking Administrative Advisory Committee?
  • Annually, the Provost's office sends a notice to the campus requesting applications for those interesting in joining the various committees. You may also check with ASUCD. (Updated March 22, 2023)
  • Will the TS budget be released to the public?
  • For time reasons alone, Transportation Services releases very summary information during the forums. TPAAC (see above) receives much more in depth information. Please review the slide deck here we prepared for the Nov. 2022 forum that includes the last budget summary developed for general consumption. (Updated March 22, 2023)
Sustainable Commutes
  • Will the Causeway Connection start charging UC Davis affiliates to board?
  • Transportation Services has committed to continue to subsidize an additional two years of Causeway Connection operations and thus there will be no change to the fare policy in that time. (Updated March 22, 2023)
  • Are we ever going to get more EV chargers?
  • We sure hope so! The problem is that facilitating EV charging is expensive. It requires bringing the local parking facility area up to modern code; cutting and moving a bunch of asphalt, concrete, and/or earth; buying, installing, setting, managing the entire system; and on and on. While there are some grants out there to help fund EV charging expansion, they're not always available to UC Davis and other times they don't cover all the costs. Today, we have the intent, but lack the funds. (Updated March 22, 2023)
  • Are transit subsidies ever going to return?
  • We sure hope so! But it's not likely to happen while the department is running a deficit. (Updated March 22, 2023)
  • Where'd the goClub go?!
  • The goClub is our brand for our sustainable transportation effort. Pre-pandemic (pre-deficit), it used parking revenue to subsidize transit passes and even gave away free parking as a reward for committing to not drive when the campus was bursting at the seams with too many drivers. That's not an issue today. In fact, there are so few drivers that Transportation Services is not bringing in enough revenue to cover costs. From a sustainability perspective, that's a win (fewer car commutes = good), but it also means that the department can't afford to fund those subsidies anymore. The sustainable transportation effort is still strong within the department (it's the basis for the transition to daily parking), but it's more focused on making the sustainable commute the most preferable choice, not just the one with the most extrinsic incentives. (Updated March 22, 2023)