First-Year Aggie, Fall Bike Registration

Student poses with a helmet and mask.

Event Date

Transportation Services, 200 N. Dairy Road, Davis

To accommodate those new to campus, we're holding special office drop-in hours for first-year Aggies where we expect to get the vast majority of new students verified and registered.

To manage the demand, we're asking certain campus communities to come on certain days. General campus--our advice is to avoid the first-year student rush (it can get busy). Contact us for an appointment starting October 4 (530-752-BIKE (2453),

Steps to register your bike

  • STEP 1 ​​​​​​ - Join Bike Index, online bike registry. 
    Visit, record your bicycle's info. Follow directions in confirmation email. 
  • STEP 2 - Get your official bicycle license!
    Contact Bicycle Program at 530-752-2453, email. We'll verfiy your info and give you a UC Davis x Bike Index Bicycle License sticker. 
      • Segundo Residents, drop-in appointments are on odd-numbered days
      • Tercero Residents, drop-in appointments are on even-numbered days

Be Prepared When You Arrive!

Like adult contemporary jazz...let's make this smooooth! When you arrive to the Transportation Services office to verify your bike information and get your registration sticker, here are some tips to make the process move along for everyone:

  • Have a device logged into Bike Index
  • Be prepared with your Daily Symptom Survey
  • Bring your bicycle
  • Wear your mask
  • Visa/Mastercard or check payment only (no cash)

Curious why you need to register your bike? 

  • It’s required | Our campus policy states that "...all bicycles used, stored, parked or operated on the University shall be licensed with a valid University issued bicycle license.” (Ch. 6, Section 6.01.) 
  • Reduce the risk of theft | A registered bicycle is better protected against theft because a registered bicycle is much riskier to steal. If a thief is found in possession of a registered bike that doesn’t belong to them, they will be forced to surrender it. Help deter theft, register your bike.
  • Let’s stay together | A registered bicycle offers peace of mind for the owner and for the Bicycle Program, as we’re more likely to reunite a lost or stolen registered bicycle with its owner than a non-registered bicycle. Additionally, the Bicycle Program oversees a robust abandoned bicycle abatement program. If your bicycle ends up forgotten, we kindly notify you of it’s forgotten location and afford an opportunity to retrieve it prior to impounding. From time to time, construction work will require bicycle rack removal, and when that happens registered owners are notified right away. That early notification will give you a better chance of removing your bike before our team comes through to clear the racks in preparation for their removal. With over 27,000 bike parking spots on campus, there’s a lot of activity to keep them in good and available condition.